Southwest extending flight credits

Just wanted to make sure everyone here had heard about this:

I tried it out just now for a credit my DD9 has that expires 9/07. I actually would like to use it for a flight 9/10. It was no problem, however they said it may take a month or longer processing time to actually receive the voucher in my email. So don’t wait until right before you want to book with it. I’ll report back on how long it actually takes.


this is great. I also have some funds that expire on 9/7 from a cancelled trip in 2020 that I haven’t been able to use yet.

Awesome thanks! I set myself a reminder to call closer to the expiration date of mine.

Even better news today…Southwest is extending all unexpired credits indefinitely! Here is the email sent to me today:


Now that is great.

Expiration on mine already changed to 12/31/2040!

That’s great! I am going to contact them about LUV vouchers that I have to see if those can be transferred to flight credits, which would then remove the expiration.

If they won’t, you could always convert it yourself; use the vouchers to book any old flight, then cancel it.

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