Southwest Early Bird voucher

I went to cancel my flights with Southwest :frowning_face: and realized they were only refunding me the amount of the fare, minus the amount I paid for Early Bird. I had gotten emails last month when they changed my flights originally, offering to credit or transfer the fare and the Early Bird, but I had to act within three days. Which I didn’t, because at the time I was still holding out hope for our July trip. I finally read the fine print, and EB is non-changeable and non-refundable, which I understand but I hoped they’d be flexible. Especially because technically speaking I am not allowed to be in Florida “indefinitely” (or whatever), because I’m flying out of NY, so I was hoping they’d make an exception.

Got on chat via the app, they answered immediately, I asked nicely if EB would be added to my credit, she said no that’s their policy that it is nonrefundable, “but in light of the current travel environment…” They are giving me a voucher for the EB! I would have been perturbed to lose $200 on nothing. I can’t use the voucher on the new EB, but can put it toward the new flight, whenever that may be. I got dirt cheap flights the first time, so I’m sure the new fare will be higher anyway.

But the takeaway for me is: be nice, ask for what you want, and read the fine print. And always try the chat, it’s so much more efficient than calling!


Thanks for the info! I have to cancel my flights for October and was going to call and nicely ask for a refund for EB. Here’s hoping it works for me!