Southwest Credit Card Sign Up Bonus is 75,000 points!

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I reality there are airline credit card deals all over the place. Some good and some not so good. Make sure you get your money’s worth before signing up for one of these.

I saw this advertised elsewhere and looked at it. The 75,000 miles is nice but companion pass now requires 125,000 points. Did they just raise that too? I thought it used to be 100,000 or 110,000. So you still have to come up with 50k miles to earn pass. I’ve been waiting for a good Southwest card offer but wonder if I’m still better off with what I have going with Sapphire Reserve/Ultimate Rewards and Capitol One Venture. Probably depends on how much I’d fly in the next 2 years. Was hoping for another free companion pass offer like last year.

I have a southwest card but I never refer anyone because I always found they offered me a great deal to refer, but the new credit card holder could usually do better signing up without a referral. It’s been years since the referral has been the best deal. Is it with this offer?

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Looking at it, I guess it would depend if you planned on charging $6000 in that time frame? Usually the offer is that 40,000 points (10.000) to the referrer but you can find a 50k or 60k offer on your own.

Yes, the referral is for 75,000 points which is the best advertised offer now.

If you could get a personal card and also get a business card, you would earn enough to have the companion pass. Earning it this way would allow you to have it for the rest of this current calendar year and all of next year too. The offer last year was only good for the rest of that calendar year.

They have been coming down hard on the business cards lately.

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Yes unfortunately I don’t do anything that would qualify as a business. I’ll just keep waiting. I only have one card left in my 5/24 and am going to use it judiciously.

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A year ago we used our credits to purchase a flight from Fargo to MCO and back. Four years ago I took out a Delta SkyMiles card and got 50,000 miles. You had to make a $3000. purchase with the card in 3 months. This was not a problem as we charged the flight and trip on the card. Of coarse 50000 miles wasn’t enough at the time to purchase a flight for I and my wife but after 2 years we had over a 100000 miles and away we went. It costs $100 a year for the card but we get our first bag for free and priority boarding. That in itself made it a good deal for us.

Have you seen they increased the AF to $550 for the Reserve? Have to seriously sit down and look to see if I can continue to get value out of this over the Preferred. Unfortunately, with these huge point bonuses, the loyalty programs keep getting diluted and fees go up. :slightly_frowning_face:

Loyalty Lobby just did a nice write up of the increase and new benefits (Lyft Pink). Why Did Chase Increase The Annual Fee Of The Sapphire Reserve & What Are Customers Responses? - LoyaltyLobby
I was thinking about signing up with the new Lyft benefits until I realized I wouldn’t qualify for the new member sign up bonus (canceled 24 months ago).

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I get that the added Lyft & DoorDash perks are meant to justify the AF increase, but those perks are meaningless unless you already use those services. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used Lyft in my lifetime (three… all on Minnie Vans) and as a family of 4, we don’t order food out that often. They also indicated that those perks are only temporary.

I really value UR points. That’s the only reason I have the card. Now I have to do some math to see if I’d be better off just switching to a simple cash-back card or downgrading to the lower AF Preferred.

I agree with you and we’re not the only ones trying to figure if it makes sense keeping or signing up for it. I thought there were a few good points in the article and thought I would share for those that were not aware of the research out there.

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