Southwest allowing refunds

I just got the this email from Southwest. My flight was booked with travel funds from a cancelled trip in April (so it is non-refundable). But this this form it is allowing me a refund. I still have more funds left (my original flight was double what it is now) so I’m thinking I could take this refund then re-book my flight with the travel funds I still have left over.

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I have always appreciated how stand-up they are always, but especially though this nightmare

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Got this email too. So did DW. She now knows about the Disney trip I’ve been planning behind her back. DOH!


oh no!


I got one of these emails too. I wonder if they will refund me for the travel credits that I received after rebooking my original flight from April and again in July and October…

Probably not. I have a cookie crumb trail of small credits that I’ll probably never use or forget about.

Can you convert all the credits to miles? They won’t expire then.

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Ah maybe. But the amounts are small enough that I probably won’t bother. Also, I’ve been accumulating miles for a decade and I think I’ve only redeemed once. I just don’t travel enough to earn trips.

I think it goes back to original payment (of that particular flight). When I canceled a rebooked flight paid with travel funds, I received travel funds back. I could not convert this to points either after canceling the rebooking.

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