Southwest allowing changes

I just noticed that my April, May and 6/4 flight reservations on Southwest have the red alert saying I can change the flights for free. Anyone know what the date parameters are this time?

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According to this they can be changed within 2 months time frame??


I have a question. I just cancelled my flight on SW. Couldn’t reschedule as we’re not planning on rebooking until May 2021 and flights aren’t available yet. What I’m reading about the policy sounds to me like if I don’t travel by October 29 2020 (likely the date I purchased the tix), I’ll lose the money? Am I correct or is it just that I need to purchase by then? I had 2 one way flights…one gotten with points and one paid for.
I’m not a frequent flier these days, so just not sure of typical policies regarding flights.

Yes! This is an AMAZING Southwest hack! The first few times it was open it would even work for new bookings. So if anyone is actually interested in flying in April!

The points should have gone back to your account when you cancelled, but you will need to use the credit by 10/29 if that is when you booked.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. They have gone back to my account. Unfortunately, they will likely expire :pensive:

It is working for new bookings. I rebooked and changed my flights for Memorial Day weekend. Realizing it is probably overly optimistic to still be planning for then but oh well. I love having Southwest points, it is so easy to make and change tentative plans!

I have some travel credits also that expire in early July. Hoping they will extend credits given the circumstances.

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I’m also hoping that they extend the credits. We may not be able to reschedule our April trip until December. I’d hate to lose all of those credits (and money).

I had to cancel and rebook a flight booked on points because I wanted to rebook at a lower fare, and it would only “change the flight for free”

I figured I’d let people know if they wanted to book a cheaper flight that Southwest may not be refunding differences right now.

SW agents are willing to do that over the phone also if someone is anxious about managing the cancel/change online. They will give a travel voucher for the difference.

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Thats a step in the right direction, but I have funds expiring in September, and if my April (and May backup) trips get cancelled because of COVID, I’m going to lose $500 in SW credits.

Some people can’t fly often and if their trip in March-June gets cancelled, I think their credits should be extended no matter if they expire by then or by November. I am stressing about having to plan another trip since my late April one will most likely be cancelled. Our credits will expire at the beginning of November and ideally I would like to reschedule for same time next year instead of trying to frantically put another trip together without knowing when we really could go again.

This would allow you to do that. It’s an extension until June 2021

So if I cancel my May flights sometime between right now through the day of my trip, my travel funds would expire in June 2021? Am I reading that right?

Edit: Ok, I found the official info. The flight would have to cancel for that to happen. I booked my flights in September.

Looks like the window is up to 59 days back or in the future for flights booked up to June 6th.

Edit to include: Also applies to new bookings.

Any newly created travel fund because of a flight cancellation between March 1-May 31, 2020, will have an expiration date of June 30, 2021

It is my understanding that any flights cancelled now, no matter when purchased, result in “newly created” travel fund (I guess as long as you didn’t already use a travel fund to pay for them?). So, I’m reading this update as saying that I can use these credits I just got 2 days ago (but purchased last October) until next June 2021.

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My understanding has been that if an airline cancels a flight outright they have to offer a refund. The Southwest travel fund should only apply if the passenger cancels.