Sort-of trip report - CBR 1/11-22

Great info. I’m staying at CBR for the first time in April. What was the bus situation like? How long is the wait time to get on a bus? I read some horror stories and want to be prepared since I have 3 little ones. We have some ADR for breakfast.

Hi! We just got back yesterday from another week at the CBR. I am going to do a review of the room and stuff, but I wanted to tell you that the longest we waited for a bus was about 20m one night on the way home from the MK. There was a giant crowd waiting and we finally got on the third bus. So, 3 buses came during that 20m…we were just leaving at the same time as everyone else. Our average wait was 5m or less. BUT - we were generally at the bus stop between 7:30-7:50, as we had no breakfast ADRs. I do not know how the wait would have been if we were trying to leave earlier.