Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom card collecting

My DD10 is a big fan of the Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom game. Over the course of the last 3 trips, she’s played through the easy level & about halfway through medium. All 4 in the family have collected the free packs so she has most if not all of the common cards & several of the uncommon & rare cards. She’d love to see how many of the others she can get. Is there a set time & place within WDW for trading? One time when we were in the MK on a Sat, there were several collectors/traders hanging out at Tomorrowland Terrace around noon, but I don’t know if that was some sort of unofficial ongoing thing. It would be more fun to trade in person rather than doing stuff via eBay. Does anyone know about any regularly scheduled trading meet ups? We will be there in mid-August this year.


Nothing official but there are several Facebook groups for the game that often meet to trade. Tortuga tavern is a frequent trading spot.

That tomorrowland meet up was probably the 3rd anniversary meetup. It is not a normal thing… The official (unofficial) place to trade in-park is Tortuga Tavern.

The FB group Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Helpers often has players in park doing trades, you can set up meets there or trade via mail. Very helpful group!