Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

I don’t remember this from our last trip or it didn’t seem important then. With my boys 10 and 7 now, it seems like something they will want to do - if I make them aware :slight_smile: Do you have to play the game to completion or are there obvious breaking points? How long does it take? I’ve read anywhere from 20 minutes to hours. Did your kids enjoy enough to make it worth while or was time better spent elsewhere?

You definitely don’t need to play to completion. We usually try to limit it in some way. If I remember correctly, you can defeat like 7 different villains, and each one has several stops, so there are natural times to take breaks - 20 minutes can defeat probably one villain. My same-aged kids LOVE this game, and it’s worth putting aside some time to do, in my opinion, especially if this is not your first/only trip to MK. I like to use it as a reward for having a good attitude or as a time filler when we are between a FP reservation or something like that. Or like “hey DH, you do this with them while I browse in the store”.

Thanks! I think we’ll give it a go since we can do smallish sections individually. Plus I hadn’t considered the shopping part. Christmas Shoppe here I come - unrushed by impatient little boys!