Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Questions

We are planning to spend a good portion of a day in magic kingdom playing the trading card game and we want to try to complete it all the way. I’ve got a few questions:

  1. Can you start on a harder difficulty? I want to play with the strategy involved but I don’t want to have to play through the game twice. Do you have to start on the default “easy” difficulty?
  2. Is it possible to play two quests at once without splitting up too much? We’re a family of four and we want to play in two groups of two but we don’t want to spend an entire day separated. How far apart would you end up when playing two different saved games? Would we follow the exact same path, the same general area, at least within the same land??
  3. If we were to split up and play on the medium difficulty, would we have the necessary cards if we split up 60 total collected cards from just the daily cards you get? We will have been in magic kingdom two previous days and plan to just open the one necessary portal so we can get the daily cards without starting the adventure too much. Along that line, if we were to split up the cards so both groups can complete the game, what criteria should we use to split them up? How common they are? Character type? Is there any like types or something?

I know I’ve written a novel but I can’t find any review with these sort of specific answers without like spoiling the plot and game for myself so any advice would be great. We want to experience the game as much as we can without any inter-sibling bickering but we don’t want to spend a whole day apart. Thank you all!

My DS plays a lot but we have never split up so I don’t know the answers there. But I do know you can request to start on medium difficulty because that is what he did.

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  1. I don’t think so but not totally sure. The starter level effectively means it doesn’t matter what card you play as long as you’re at the correct portal.

  2. I think the first game (at starter level anyway) is always Main St. The first portal is the one nearest to the fire station. After that the game will send you to all the other portals in the same area but in a random order.

After you complete that first game, you then get randomly sent to another Land to play. Again, you will get sent to all the portals in that Land in a random order.

So if playing with two groups then you will be split up. You may not be in the same Land. And even if you are, the order of the portals will be different. And some of the portals are difficult to find. You do have a map, but the clues are not always that easy, even on the starter level.

Now I’m sure I would have got through the game way faster if I had been “in charge”, just by actually paying attention rather than whizzing through things too fast. But of course, that was not the case. My 8 year old was most definitely running things his way. :joy:

And you can end up in a pretty long line at each portal. Some people have a whole book of cards (think those football card books with pockets for each one). I swear one twenty-ish couple had two thick volumes of cards and they were thumbing through to decide which card to play.

And at the higher levels, it does matter what card you play. It can be the wrong card and you then have to try another. Some will just run through every card until they get the right one, others try to select one. Either way, this will be frustrating as you wait!

  1. I have no idea! Sorry, we completed the starter level. Just!

Be aware you must use the same magic band each day. In this case, the actual magic band does matter, unlike for FPs or charging etc.

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Thank you so much for the thorough response. We’ll probably stay together, don’t want to be in separate lands :grinning:

Note that I got the answer to question 1 wrong.

And thinking about it, although the first portal is always the one near the fire station, I think you can request your starting Land. After that though each Land is assigned randomly until you complete them all.


Yes, you can.

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