Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - how much time?

Hi guys,

Thinking of trying Sorcerers with my son but at the same time I don’t want it to kill my TP. How much time does it take to beat the first villain ? Can you choose which one you battle first ? Are the portals very far from each other ? Is there one villain I should choose that takes less time and/or less walking ?


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This is one of those polarizing topics. Many people love this, others, not so much. We are part of the latter.

We originally heard about it from a friend at our church who is a travel agent and how much fun she had with her grandson. So, we sought it out to do ourselves during our last trip.

It wasn’t long, however, before we bailed. First stop, we had to wait in line for others to do their thing. As a result, we got a view of everything ahead of time (we could see/hear everything they were doing) so when it was our turn, it wasn’t at all a surprise and we had to just re-experience what we had just seen. After one more case of this, we just didn’t feel it was worth the time it was taking.

Alternatively, the Agent P Adventure in Epcot was a blast. Everyone from DS6 to DS 17 was engaged…so much so that my wife and I got to have a little mini date in the China pavilion as they went off together to do the adventure in China.

Anyhow, back to your question about time…since we didn’t do much at all, I can’t comment on total time. But between the time it took to get our initial cards at the Fire house to waiting for and doing the ones we did, I’d say we occupied a total of about 45 minutes. Our friend from church mentioned that they enjoyed it so much that they spent about half the day devoted to just that! So, it all just depends.


I’ve heard to allow up to 90 minutes if you’re new. We’re going to do Pirates instead because that only takes 15-30 min. If you do it twice, you get a FP for POC.

I haven’t done it myself yet, so I’m curious to hear from others who have also.

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OK thanks guys, very helpful. We were gonna do Pirates twice too to get the FP+ so I guess we’ll just pick up the free cards LOL

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I should add this. While it wasn’t for us, I would say that since many people DO enjoy it, you might give it a try. Rather than devote time to it specifically, you might just hit the ones you can IF you happen to have a chance between items on your TP. If you decide it isn’t worth it, you can bail as we did. But if you DO enjoy it, you can decide then whether it is worth shuffling things around for it. It isn’t like you have to go from one villain to another on a schedule. (At least, I don’t believe…it was almost three years ago, so I can’t fully recall.)


What is Pirates? (Besides the ride apparently.)

It’s like an interactive scavenger hunt in Adventureland. If you do it twice (or more) they give you a FP+ for PotC.

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Cool. Must go investigate this. Never heard of it before.

According to what I read it’s supposed to be a lot fun and not take much time. Looks worth doing ! :slight_smile:


We’re gonna give it shot right before the Halloween party. That’s the plan anyway. Lol

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I would say that sorcerers is not geared at once-in-a-lifetime visitors or anyone who is not able to visit the park with some relative frequency.

The game is fun and I would definitely recommend it to a repeat visitor but on the other hand it is a big time commitment. The “portals” follow a specific order, sometimes they are a little difficult to spot, and there is some backtracking involved. The game will definitely screw up any plan.

You can spot some hardcore sorcerers while you tour. They carry a 5 inch binder with them. I hear that the subsequent levels get notably difficult. Even at the first level you may not defeat the “portal villain” which may discourage a younger player.

I would also say that if MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh or HeartStone are foreign terms to you or your family then most definitely you will not find this game attractive.


That’s very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: We’re a big gamer family, so I felt kinda bad dropping it. Mostly RPG’s and board games though.

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