Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - 2018 Holidays Thread

We did this last year - and it worked out well. I decided to try it again, with a fresh thread.

My son (9) has a complete set 1-60. He was hoping to get a complete 2nd set (1-60) so he could give a complete set to his cousin for Christmas. To do that, he needs another 3, 8 and 12 card. Those are “Star” cards - only 1 of those come per pack - so they’re rare. He has an extra #9 (Lytho’s Rock Titan Boulder Throw) and 2 extra #17 (Simba’s Roar) that he was hoping he could trade with somebody who needs one or both of those, and who has an extra 3, 8 and/or 12 to trade.

After that - he just has a bunch of extra cards he asked me to help him, though TP/Forum, to get to kids who are trying to complete their own 1-60 sets. His primary desire is to help others get complete 1-60 sets - not just his cousin. If there are other kids out there who are missing cards - PLEASE let us know. We have extras - and we’re happy mailing them to you to use as stocking stuffers, etc. He’s definitely into the “giving” part of the Holiday Season that way. Please don’t be shy. If we can’t help, I’m sure other Liners would be happy to.

Now for the “Dad looking for stocking stuffers for my son” portion of this message: My son is still working on his Lightning and Party Cards. He doesn’t have any duplicate Lightning cards, but he does have some duplicate Party Cards he told me he’s “saving to trade to fill his gaps.” Therefore, I’m sure he’d be fine if I were to trade Party Cards on his behalf. My top priority would be to send a 2018 X-Mas Card to somebody who doesn’t have one, but who has an extra 2018 Halloween Card - as we could help each other out. If you have Dupes of other Holiday Cards, let me know that as well … we usually turn to eBay to buy a few for him at Christmas but if we could save money and help out other Liners via trades, that would be awesome, too.

Hi @brtaylor73, I have extra 2018 Halloween card I would love to trade for the 2018 Christmas card as my holiday trip didn’t fall during the the they have the Christmas party. I’ll have to check my extra cards when I get back to my resort room to see if I have any of the others that you’re looking for.

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Sounds awesome! DM me later and we’ll exchange info.

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Hi brtaylor - we have the #3 (I think) - it says 3/70 and it’s a Buzz Lightyear. Is that one that he needs? We’re happy to mail it to you if he wants to trade.

Super cool idea for your son! I hope we have what he’s looking for.

Hey there - he does have a #3 - but he was looking for a 2nd so he could work on a complete 1-60 set for his Christmas gift to his cousin. For that to-be-a-gift set, he’s missing 3, 8 and 12.

If you have an extra #3 and are willing to trade it for another card - that would be great. Let me know what you find! Thanks.

Yes, we do have a #3 that we can send to you. My daughter is also 9 and she’s excited about helping him out. She just started playing on our last trip. Any cards would work, but she has no cards between 5-29. She would be happy with anything thought because she shares her cards with her little brother so duplicates are ok. DM me your address and we’ll get the #3 sent to you. :slight_smile:

I can send you a 17 (star), 23 and 25 (moons)! We have 3 or more of all of those, so that leaves one for my son and one for his cousin - and then 3 new cards for your daughter! I also have a bunch of extra #34s if you want another one of those!

Are there any cards #41 or higher (planets) that you only have one of that you’d like for the little guy? If I have them in the “extras” pile, I’m happy to send them, too. Let me know - and RD me your address, and I’ll get them in the mail. Thanks again.


We have an extra #12. I will put it in the mail for you Monday!

@jlyn, thanks! Are there any cards you need or want that my son may have?

No thanks!

I found an extra #8 also. I am putting that in the mail today with the #12!

Thank you very much!!!

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Already received the cards in the mail - thanks again!

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You’re welcome!

Ok SotMK experts…

We’ve played a couple of times, but the kids were young, so I’m sure it was always on the easiest level. With DS being almost 11, I’m thinking we might try to move to the medium level.

How hard is it to figure out what we need to do at medium?
Will there be something in the dialogue that tells us what cards to play?
Do we need to do ahead-of-time research to know?
Will DD6 be able to follow along and contribute? Should she run her own game?

My understanding is that Medium requires you to beat more middle-men before facing the big-boss to complete a quest - and there may be a little more to it - but not much.

Zero ahead of time research required. DD6 can certainly do her own game. Again, just my understanding because we haven’t gotten to this point, but Advanced makes it a bit more difficult in that you do better casting spells that are of a type that the opponent is weakest against, as this adds to the effect of the spell; and, likewise, you don’t want to cast a spell of a type that the villain is resistant to. I say this is my understanding because I’ve done some research on this a while ago, but since I knew we were starting a new game (Beginner) and you can pretty much cast any spell and defeat the villain at that level, it wasn’t a priority for me.

If you want to research, there is plenty out there just by searching. But - be prepared to find a bunch of responses like “I don’t know - I just like to collect the cards.”

Last FYI - there is apparently a way to boost spells by combining multiple cards - but you can also mute the effect of spells if you combine the wrong cards. Again, more research required if you wish to get to that sort of understanding/level in gameplay. Best advice I saw was - look for somebody who knows what they’re doing and talk to them - most players are pretty friendly and willing to share information.