Songs in Frozen Sing Along?


Can anyone tell me which specific songs are in the Frozen Sing Along? I want to preserve the magic and not watch a YouTube video of it. But I want to be prepared! Knew you would understand...:smile:


I feel like it includes all of them - but perhaps not the full version of each of them.


I've seen it just three times so far, but, if I remember correctly, the songs are:

"Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"
"For the First Time in Forever"
"Love is an Open Door"
"Let It Go" (of course)
"In Summer"


Thank you so much! I'm so excited for this attraction. When the movie first came out, my granddaughter watched at least part of it EVERY DAY for a month. She moved on to Zootopia, but Frozen is still one of my favorites.


If you love Frozen, you will love this sing a long! We're past the Frozen stage too - but we all still enjoy this show.


We loved the show!!


Oddly enough, I think adults enjoy it more than the kids do. The kids like the songs and all, but at least the younger ones seem to "miss" all of the humor involved in the show that ties it all together.


This is such a great show! Super funny and cute! It's a must do for DHS!


3 months since our first (but hopefully not last) visit and after a tv advert for DW my 60 year old mother mentioned how this show was her favourite thing about our trip. Definitely a must do in our house!