Song of the South Movie

Anyone know where can I find the Song of the South Movie? I’ve heard rumours that Disney has it hidden somewhere and because certain reasons they are not getting it out of the vault.
I’ve been dying to watch this movie as it was the one that inspired the Splash Mountain Ride…

Zip a dee doo dah zip a dee ayy, my oh my what a wonderful day! (you are all welcome to sing along!)

I once bough a vhs tape from europe and then had it transfered to dvd. Poor quality but i was able to watch it. Try ebay.

I watched this just the other day! One of my childhood favourites. It’s a shame you can’t get it in the US!

You Tube. Search for Song of the South (1946) full movie.


agreed. we watched it on youtube.

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Most of the time the movie is taken down from Youtube, and people post links to scammy/paid websites to actually view. Personally I’ve watched it on AFDAH (dot) TV, make sure you use a popup blocker the site is otherwise safe. in the search box at the top right type “song of the south” from there it should be pretty easy to watch it. just make sure to click the play button on the player bar at the bottom of the video and not the big play button on the screen which is actually an ad. FYI I just tried it and the movie plays fine and is complete.

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Thanks for that, I’ve been wanting to try and look for it!

Yup, no problem. For what it’s worth I personally don’t believe that the movie is not outright racist, and that a child that doesn’t know anything isn’t going to pick up on anything negative from watching it. The biggest issue that I can see is that it’s insensitive to what the life was actually like for former slave families and makes it seem like everything from back in that time was great for everyone and that simply wasn’t the case.

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I remember watching it when I was younger- single digits age- in the theater for a re-release. This would have been around early 80’s. My memory of the movie itself is very vague, only that I remember the animation with the live action sequences.

I think that the film from what I have read (because I certainly don’t recall) reflects what was happening at the time, but as you said perhaps not completely accurately. I’m looking forward to trying to catch it online.

It’s pretty easy to find on e-bay. You just have to make sure you pay attention to regions, PAL/NTSC issues, etc. Yes, 90% of them are pirated, but when Disney refuses to release a US version that I can buy from them, I have NO qualms about finding alternate sources.

I find this an interesting comment seeing as there were no slaves in the movie; it took place in the post-emancipation South

[quote=“bswan26, post:11, topic:36961”]
I find this an interesting comment seeing as there were no slaves in the movie; it took place in the post-emancipation South
[/quote]maybe I should have used the word “former” in front of it. but regardless they all are living and performing the same rolls on the plantations. We all know that treatment and living conditions of former slave family on plantations were not good during the time period that is depicted in the movie.

Part of the reason I was willing to tell people where they can find it is because Disney refuses to release it to the US. I think it’s an important film in Disney’s history and one where I think Disney was trying to tell a positive story in what it knew was a darker time in American history.

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The movie was offensive to black people. But Splash mountain is awesome and mostly unrelated. That is why Disney is trying to bury it…general public found it racist as how it depicts black america and is viewed as exploitation.

At D23 Whoopi Goldberg, was announced as a Disney legend and she actually brought up this movie.
This is a decent article on her comments.

Personally, I agree with her and feel that Disney should stop hiding it and pretend that it doesn’t exist. There needs to be a civil discussion about why the movie was made and what the intentions of the movie was. It wasn’t made to be insensitive or offensive, even though I can see how it was to certain people. Maybe they could even release it to DVD/BR with commentary discussing exactly this information.

I will never make excuses for slavery and for other peoples prejudices, but what I will do is continue to teach my daughter about our history and how we need to all see each other as human beings regardless of what they look like or what religion they believe in. There is simply too much hate in this world and I for one won’t be apart of it.


I understand and respect your position. My issue is that to understand you have to be able to relate. A lot of people do not know all of the things that has happened. They do not know that Black America is still very much so dealing with the fruit of slavery. No one wants to talk about it and the response is a polite get over it.

Also, the reason why it is offense if not on its intention but in its ignorance of the time. If you take the same scenes from the movie but replace the black people with Jews recently freed from a concentration camp…do you see the movie the same? Also, I would be fine with Disney providing dialogue about a trying time. We need that type of honest dialogue, but that does not seem like the case. The movie seems to re-enforce a falsehood of a trying time.

With that said, I respect your honesty and your willingness to discuss. I think more should be willing to engage in respectful discussion on the suggest matter. I would recommend everyone on this forum to research slavery before watching the movie to place things in a historical context of (Jim Crow, Emmett Till, Buck Breaking, Slave Breeding, etc) than ask…is this movie racist or insensitive.

I too appreciate your willingness to discuss the issues that are in the brought up by the movie. I may not be able to relate to the black community but I can certainly empathize. You are right that I may not understand that Black America is still dealing with fruits of slavery but I don’t think that for a lack of trying to. I am someone that looks to history to see where we have been so I can understand where we are headed since you know, history repeats itself. For example I do understand that slavery is still going on today and that Human Trafficking is purely evil and is happening to people of all color now.

With that said I also believe that in America it’s only been since the millennial generation that the majority of them may finally be able to see past skin color. I see promise in the near future that all Americans will have the same opportunities regardless of race. I actually think we are pretty close now, but I will not play dumb and pretend that their aren’t some injustices still out there.

As for Song of the South, It’s worth noting that Walt Disney championed an effort for James Baskett to win an Oscar for his performance as Uncle Remus. James Baskett was actually awarded an honorary Oscar for his performance in Song of the South months before he died, also “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” won an Oscar for best original song, I don’t think a lot of people realize that.

There is a lot wrong with this movie and other movies made around the same time like Gone with the Wind or Dumbo, but both of those are readily available. I think you have to take some “classic” movies with a certain perspective in order to understand or appreciate what was created because there are many movies or even books for that matter that simply wouldn’t have been made if we look at them through our current perspective of the world.

One last note, many of the african american cast from the movie have been interviewed and have said that they never thought that the movie would have been considered racist and if they did they wouldn’t have participated in making it.


maybe it was ebay… or amazon cant really remember but i found it and watched it with my son.

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