Son is 39.75 inches without shoes

My son is 39.75 inches without shoes and 40.5 with tennis shoes on. I have heard that the measuring guides are inaccurate at the park. Does anyone know which ones are taller then the advertised 40 inches. He has two older siblings who constantly talk about big thunder and splash mountain and really wants to ride those. Leaving in 40 days. Hopefully he grows a quarter inch in the mean time to make it safe.

No kids, so I can’t comment on specific height limitations for specific rides. The DO measure - accurately - and are very strict about meeting the height requirement. If he’s over 40 in shoes, he should be good for any ride that has a 40 requirement.

Height requirements

That’s a link on this site’s pages with the height requirements.

If you son is taller than the bar, they’ll let him on. They measure “as-is”, with shoes on. If he gets a little boost from those, that’s ok. If he still was under the bar with shoes, no deal.

The above advice is pretty much spot-on. I haven’t heard any reliable reports of the height bars being inaccurate at any of the attractions, The one thing to bear in mind is that people do get shorter during the day, so a child who just barely made the required height in the morning may not make it in the afternoon.


“people do get shorter during the day”


“Then at night, when we lay down, the discs reabsorb fluid and plump up again — which explains why we shrink by as much as half an inch during the course of a day, only to regain the height overnight. But as we get older, the discs flatten slightly, permanently reducing our height.”

I had no idea…

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The stuff I learn on this sight!! Thanks!! :grinning:

The height bars to my knowledge have never been inaccurate or variable, what is variable is the CM verifying the height and some CMs (as with all people) are more strict than others. Some will eyeball it and some will get right in there and make sure there is literally not even a hair’s length in between the top of the child’s head and the bar. If he exceeds 40" in shoes he should be golden for any 40" height requirement and no matter what I would prepare him for any possibility that he for whatever reason is deemed not to meet the requirement. I say this because I have literally had one CM let my son into line, only to have him need to step out to go to the bathroom and upon returning have a new CM ask to measure him and say because she could wiggle her finger into his hair between his head and the bar he could not ride. Can be frustrating to work around this but knowing the expectation going in and being flexible will be his and yours best interest! Happy riding!!

The big thing to remember is to not to get mad about it. It is for safety first and foremost. Respect the cast members decision. You are the role model. And remeber they nay be measured multiple time and can be turnes away at any ppint.

If you have been on a standby line for a long wait and you get turned away at the second measuring. Be positive support the cast member and the decision that was made. And maybe ask if there is anyway to get some picie dust for another ride.

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