Someone sell me on MNSSHP

Considering heading to the world in mid-October and cannot understand the appeal of this party. Those that have done it, what did you love about it? Is it a must do for this time of the year?

I think it depends on where your interests are. We go every year and enjoy the party but each time we focus on something different. This year there will be a new fireworks show so we are looking forward to seeing that. I love the parade, especially the grave diggers. I also love all of the cool photo pass extra magic shots you can get. Last year we did wait in line for the 7 dwarves, that was a must for me. We aren’t really all that into the actual trick or treating or any of the other characters so we just enjoy the atmosphere and ride some rides while still getting the parade and fireworks in.
If you have no interest in the characters or halloween, then it would not be worth it. You also have to set expectations - if you are going to ride rides with no wait, you may be disappointed and some of the other “extra” events (EMM or DAH) may be a better option.


I’m thinking we may fall into this category. My kids enjoyed character interactions at meals but had no desire to wait in line in the parks to meet them if it meant less time to ride rides.

Probably not your best option if your primary interest is maximizing the number of attractions you ride. Have you considered Disney After Hours?

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I underestimated how creeped out my DD4 would get when things got dark, and with the Halloween music playing by Haunted Mansion. (She loves Halloween things, was dressed as Vampirina etc. but was really kinda spooked, and I did not expect that.) Trick or treating not possible without long lines (and we aren’t really candy people) so skipped that. Granted it was one of the earlier parties (read: it was 1000 degrees) so maybe other reasons to prematurely call it a night. We left before the first parade. Watched HalloWishes from our room at WL. No regrets, and DD4 has good memories of the night overall because we honored her being “done”. Don’t think I’d go back until the kids are older and have more stamina to wander/wait in line.

Not really selling you with that…
Dumbo was a walk on though!


Seeing the Headless Horseman riding by was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen at WDW. But…he will not ride if the pavement is the least bit wet. So, we’ve seen him once and then he was a no-show on our 2nd time.

The Cadaver Dans are great.

We don’t bother with meet and greets unless there is virtually no line.

Ride lines are short.

Treat lines always moved fast for us. Only get as much as you think you really want. We got way too much.

You’ll be there at the height of the season, which is a nice time to go.

I also love the overall atmosphere with the lighting, music and the Ghost Host narrating the party.


only been once…2 adults. no characters or trick or treating. …went strictly for entertainment and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Going again in October. its pricey as im sure you already know. for me it was worth it


My family loves Halloween and really enjoyed the atmosphere of MNSSHP. We don’t plan to wait in lines for characters this trip but look forward to the parade, fireworks, and lower wait times for rides. Other guests seem to be in a more festive Disney mood (or maybe it was our mood) which makes everything all the more fun.


We liked the character interaction. The three we met spent quite a bit of time with us and were a hoot. We saw Jack from Nightmare before Christmas his mannerisms were great and we got a lot of good pictures. Gaston asked us questions about being married trying to convince Belle it was a good idea. Jafar stared down the 15 yr old we were with. We also liked the special magic shots. (we did have memory maker also that was an additional cost but worth it since we used it quite a bit the whole week we were there). The parade and fireworks were fun though the Hocus Pocus Spooktacular was a bit crowded and hard to see. We did dress up and it was fun seeing the other costumes people were wearing. The people I was with loved the trick or treating. I could have skipped that. We rode Pirates and Haunted mansion both had special actors as we went through the line. All in all I would do it again.


We are adults, no kids under 20, and LOVE MNSSHP.
As others stated, it is a whole new atmosphere in the MK park.
Different music, different parade, different fireworks. For 2019 they are changing up the fireworks to all new. The party has hard to find characters (Jack and Sally, as well as all 7 dwarfs). For the event, the Fab 5 normal characters are in Halloween attire. The photopass photographers have unique magic-moment options on their photos.

My wife is a Halloween fan, so this is just right for her. 60% of the party guests go all out on dressing up. so its kinda like a Disney Comi-Con convention.

With with the MNSSHP hard ticket, you can currently enter the park as early as 4:00pm, even though the party doesn’t start until 7:00. So you will have some Fastpass options, before the party. Once the party starts, there are no Fastpasses.

The parties can get busy, especially as you get close to the end of October, they will sell out. So if none of that is of interest to you, then consider the MK After Hours, and enjoy the smaller crowds. I think you can get in the park at 7:00pm with an After Hours ticket.


We LOVE the Halloween party!

IMO it’s a much better spend if you focus your time on the party-specific extras: rare characters, special shows, exclusive parade and fireworks, party-specific treats, and trick or treating. It makes for a super nice evening after a slow and easy relaxing day at your resort. That’s sort of key I think – show up rested and relaxed and go all night.


Wow, ok nice selling y’all. Reconsidering…and I’m wondering if my kids would just love the novelty of trick or treating at WDW.

Any chance the atmosphere would scare my 3 year old?? Is it all fairly HM-level scary? Mine tolerate HM but don’t just love it and were scared of the tone of it the first time we rode it.

Holy smokes. $650 for our party of 6. :face_vomiting::exploding_head::flushed:

WOW! I love the DLR version of this, but I only had to by 4 and we got a AP discount, so it was $375 for the 4 of us. As much as I love it, I am not sure I could stomach that, especially if I am not sure that we would all enjoy it.

My thoughts exactly. Maybe I can bring my own candy and the kids can dress up and walk around WS.


It’s really not so scary! Seriously, not scary in the least. Even the gravediggers are Disney-fied.