Someone PLEASE help me understand using Lyft/Uber during capcity restrictions

Has anyone experienced driving into the parks (specifically EPCOT but i’m sure they’re all the same at this level)? As I understand it, the toll plaza will hold traffic until 30 min before the park opens. What time should we arrive? How quickly does traffic move once it begins? Has anyone had any problems with Uber drivers being upset about having to wait/do you see this potentially being a problem? Will resorts with direct bus service have much of a jump on people arriving by car? TIA for any help on answering my numerous questions (we leave in 2 weeks and I am obsessing over this one issue–i’m going insane.)

**we are staying at Pop with no direct bus service to the park and I would like to avoid the Skyliner in the am

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My experience may be dated as it’s from August. We stayed onsite but took Uber or Lyft to HS on three days. (I was super concerned about being in the park in time to try for a BG for ROTR and didn’t trust the buses.) We probably left between an hour and 45 minutes before park opening. The parking lot was open. My understanding is that the parking will open about an hour before park open, possibly a few minutes later but not much. Perhaps that’s changed, however, and I just don’t know.

For your Epcot specific concern… A suggestion would be to Uber/Lyft/Drive to one of the resorts on the Boardwalk and walk to the back entrance of Epcot (The International Gateway). With such a late opening at Epcot, it’s a great time to book a breakfast on the Boardwalk and then walk over to IG.