Someone help this newbie, lol. Where is the reservation finder?

When I first joined I setup a reservation finder & have never received any notifications. I’ve received like 20 from another website I’m using. So either I didn’t do this one right or it’s not working. So, where do I click to find this? I have looked and looked…

Thanks guys.

When I am on my dashboard in TP there is a box at the bottom that says " [WDW Reservation Finder]
Find a reservation with our handy online tool." That’s where I always go to set it up.

I think you can also get there directly using this link-

On your dashboard page, scroll down and you will find a box just below your daily plan calendar. It will say WDW Reservation Finder. Click that and it will take you to the page where you can enter your request.

Note that the reservation finder will only send the notification _once. After that if you want it to keep looking, you have to go back and refresh it.

I keep it bookmarked on my phone, so if a reservation comes in and either it’s not exactly what I want, or I miss it, I just go back in and quickly refresh.

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Also make sure you hit the green start icon…to me looks like an old floppy disk icon😂

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What @mikejs78 said is important and hard for me to remember. Once you get a hit from resfinder, it stops searching. You have to go reset it.