Someone help me with my pre-order BOG lunch with DDP

We are on the DDP and have a lunch at BOG planned. I pre-ordered and want to be sure it’s within the DDP as I do not want to pay for anything out of pocket. There wasn’t much guidance while ordering other than saying to include an entree and a non alcoholic beverage for each person if on the Dining Plan, which is confusing in itself because I can order an alcoholic beverage on the DDP, right?

Second of all, how do I order a drink for my kiddos? Does their kids meal come with a drink? (it doesn’t say it does) The only other options are an adult fountain beverage or a Be Our Guest Cup. The Be Our Guest cup sounds like it’s for kids, but it also sounds like a souvenir cup which would be extra, which I dont want to pay for. So I added “2 adult fountain beverages” for my kids because I didn’t know what to choose.

I just want 4 meals and 4 drinks (2 alcoholic and 2 for my kids to get a fountain drink). I’ll paste a screen shot of my order below. Does this seem like its all within the DDP? It shows my monetary amount due, but am assuming when I get there and scan our bands it will convert to a QS credit on the DDP. Just want to be sure I’m not getting something that will be out of pocket. Help a dummie!

I’ve been playing with this menu trying to figure out our preorder, and if you go into the description for a kids meal, it does include a drink. There is a drop down menu, and one of the choices is kids fountain beverage.

Ahhhh, I see it now! Thank you! This response alone is worth my $15 a year fee to TP. :yum:


Pretty sure you get EITHER an adult soft drink OR an adult alcoholic beverage with the plan.

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No, this only saved you $7.98. :yum: Hopefully someone else knows about the dining plan.

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Haha, I’m just relieved to have to figured that out BEFORE sitting down at the table. Thank you!

Not sure. I only did breakfast but was able to get a fountain beverage/coffee and a mimosa.

She only ordered the adult soft drinks because she couldn’t figure out how to order a kids drink so they’re going anyway. But like @Flutegarden, I’m not sure. I think you’re right and breakfast is different in getting both.

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You order your adult meal and your alcoholic drink. It will say there is a charge but it will process correctly. You do not need to pick a regular drink since it is a self-service drink station.


So does BOG lunch now include alcohol on the DDP? I went to pre-order for a BOG lunch and there is a note that says for the DDP an entree and non-alcoholic beverage are included. I found some old posts saying that BOG doesn’t have alcohol at lunch so it is excluded, but its clearly offered in the pre-order which is what makes me think its an old policy that hasn’t been updated. Someone else had the same question on the Lines chat yesterday.

Yes it’s included.

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When I went last year to breakfast I preordered a coffee and the cast member when I got there told me an alcoholic beverage was including in dining plan and asked me which one I wanted when we sat down. Was unable to order ahead of time think may be due to needing ID? great mimosa at 730 AM :slight_smile:

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You can preorder it at lunch definitely. I haven’t done breakfast.

I preordered with breakfast. I think the issue is that it still states it is a non alcoholic drink but that is wrong.

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Yes maybe @ptkathy just assumed they couldn’t preorder because of that. We didn’t end up ordering the alcohol and they asked us if we wanted to add it when we paid as well, so I guess it’s common that people don’t realise.

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When we had breakfast there while on the DDP, we pre-ordered a bottle of water for each person and were able to also have self serve coffee and soda.

Perhaps this should be a separate thread, but since it is about BOG lunch, I have a question.

The recommendations suggest that for any meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), you make an ADR for BOG. But then, BOG appears like it is really just a QS place during lunch, which is when we were thinking about going, and that you pre-order.

So, is this a QS place that also accepts ADRs for lunch? Not sure how that works, exactly.

It is basically a QS breakfast and lunch where you need an ADR to eat there. You might get lucky and get a walk up, but I would never count on that.