Someone died during today’s race!

I can’t imagine how horrible the situation was.

I hope they died doing what they loved. Rest in peace!

At only ~3 miles, I have to assume the individual died of a complication from a pre-existing condition or possibly of something unrelated to the race. Just sad timing for everyone.

Oh no! That’s awful!

It apparently happens more than you would believe. I read it wasn’t the first during the Disney races. It could be any number of reasons. Someone pushing themselves too hard. Pre-existing condition. Dehydration (especially easy with the hot temperatures found in Orlando!).

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It’s a sad and frightening statistic, but about half the time, the first warning symptom of heart disease is sudden death. That’s why prevention of heart disease is so important.

Sudden cardiac death is the number one cause of death in the US and so, unfortunately, is not rare.

Any time you have large numbers of people together, it’s fairly likely to happen, race or no race.


We were doing the 5k and briefly witnessed the resuscitation. I am still so saddened by it.


Very sad. I ran the WDW marathon in 2000 and someone died that time too - his wife was running and close to finish (tracker info), so they met her there. I’ve never forgotten that and think of it often. It is more common than you would imagine - especially at marathon distances.

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Oh how sad

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The messenger on which the Marathon is based, died immediately after delivering his message.


The history behind the marathon.
The messenger covered the distance to deliver the message and immediately died. Greek history.


I don’t love Wikipedia, but it gets the job done here.

Thanks. Now I get it. Lol.

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