Some thoughts on EEMH, perhaps not panicking?

So with the extra EMH across all parks, I got to thinking. Some people were worried about super high crowd levels, but I have some contrary thoughts. I offer them up for review and critique.

  1. During peak times like Christmas, does WDW normally have extra magic hours across multiple parks on the same day?

  2. If not, WDW only has some many rooms and thus even if rooms are booked at the same rate as Christmas this upcoming during Sep/Oct, then they can disperse people across 3 or 4 parks versus funneling everyone into 1, so to speak. So what I am saying, is that for people not going to DHS, then can effectively choose another 2 or 3 parks. It is a dispersal method.

  3. Had WDW not done this, and crowds were bad in DHS, we would be complaining on why they did not plan ahead. I think this is planning ahead to ensure crowd levels are not excessive within a single park.

  4. Maybe disney is still trying to fill up rooms and added another incentive? Even if rooms booked at same pace as Christmas, no need to open all the parks for EEMH if not done normally.

While I am still “upset” for WDW messing up my Sept plans, and I still have to re-think TP because of earlier/later times, I remain optimistic. As I said before, while I expect SW fans to descend upon the parks, it is still a low level time for Americans to travel with the beginning of school. Waiting for the FP rumors to be released…sigh…

I am offsite so will not get any benefit for the EEMH, but I see how hard it is for people to get to the park at 8 am EMH, and now it is even earlier. If anything, I gain an hour jump on my day with minimal impact.

Will practice SDFP for FOP :slight_smile:



just bumping for other people’s thoughts…

Well, I like your optimism and I do think the eemh may help disperse the crowds. I am not thrilled to have to get up 3 hours earlier; but if I do, I will leave earlier and I’ll bet others will do the same, it will “free up space”

I have feeling the onsite folks like myself will have our party split into two groups. The early risers and the ones who can not be woken. So we will be disbursed. The early risers, like me, will also crash after lunch at the resorts.

agreed. Seems unlikely that those getting up at 5 am will be in parks at midnight the evening before, or that evening, so it could make other times more relaxing and less crowded in other parks and maybe HS

We will have to catch the bus at 5, so we will have wake around 4:30. I am wearing a hat and sunglasses.

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My plan is the same as Thumper’s. Myself, DH, and DS9 will be getting up and heading to SWGE. DD16 is staying back with DD2 and will either meet us in HS later or hang out at ASMo until we get back. I think we’ll figure that out on the fly.

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We had a wonderful morning last summer with 7am emh. Saw sdd, tsm, met woody and Jesse, Buzz, all the Star war crew, Sophia the first, rode ToT x2, Star Tours x2, rnrc, saw frozen sing along, all before noon. I know more will be there early for Galaxies Edge, but I still think there will be this kinda of touring advantages to those who are there for the extra magic.

These have been my feelings since the E-EMH has been released. I’m disappointed for the early RD times but I think it was a good move. If I wanted a relaxing vacation, I wouldn’t choose Disney time and time again. I already have DD8 on board to 2 early mornings in a row, followed by a sleep in day for our upcoming Oct/Nov stay. We will see how it works out in practice getting her and DH out the door on time!


I was very upset to learn there would be EEMH during my vacation. It screws up all my plans :joy:. I have always avoided parks with EMH in the past so it helped me decide what parks to do on what days. And I would arrive at a non EMH Park at rope drop and basically walk on every single ride all day using touring plans. Now I’m struggling to decide what park to do which day and my usual strategy is useless. Parks will be mobbed by the time off site guests are let it. I’m not happy Bob. Not happy at all.

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so true.

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