Some Disneyland App Questions

I’m an adult traveling with two other adults.
The reservation is under my name.
We’re all linked on the disneyland app/website.
I made the park reservations. They can see the hotel reservation, but they can’t see the park reservations.
Our travel agent told us we’d be getting the tickets (via email) about 4-5 days before.
Once we get those tickets, will we all be able to enter the park with our own individual apps? Also, will I have to show our Genie+ thing with just my phone or will all three have it?

The tickets will need to be manually linked to the app under Tickets and Passes and then clicking the + and then Link Tickets & Passes. Does your TA have the barcode number for you to add now to see/confirm the park reservations and tickets? That could be what she’s emailing to you 4-5 days before, but I would personally want to see it right away to see it was what I had wanted/intended to book. Once you have the tickets linked to your accounts you’ll absolutely be able to enter with your own individual apps. And they should be able to pull up their LL on their app too once their tickets are linked but honestly for 3 it saves battery power & time to have one person pull up & swipe over to each person’s LL (assuming you’ll stick together for all LL’s).

Do you mean each of you has an account? As far as I know there isn’t a way to link accounts to each other in the app or on the website for DLR, so I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this linked to the app/website other than you have signed up for a Disney email account.

You’re absolutely right about the tickets.
I spoke to someone in DLR website chat and they said once we get the tickets, they’ll be able to see everything. (Yes, our 3 individual accounts are linked by the reservation, not necessarily linked to each others’ accounts.)

That’s twice you’ve been super helpful to me, today lolabear! :slight_smile:

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We went to DLR in September and used a travel agent. We also didn’t get our tickets until a few days before leaving.


I’m having a similar issue - I’ve gotten my email with the e-ticket, but if I try to use the number to link it, it says it has already been linked to an account. Anyone have this issue? Also, how do I create a friends and family list for Disneyland? We have Genie+ for our tickets and I’m the one who always makes the plans.

Why are DL and WDW so different?!?

My husband and I both have our kids’ passes linked to each of our Disney accounts and it was my understanding that tickets could be linked to multiple accounts so you didn’t have to just be with one person all the time. But that could be new because it’s been some time now that we’ve linked their passes.

DL doesn’t have a friends and family list like in MDE. The tickets being linked to your account is what will pull up everyone’s name to make plans for Genie+/ILLs, etc. And unless anything’s changed since September that I missed, you won’t have to ever add anyone’s names to a dining reservation. Just have one lead guest.

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