Some Dining Reviews

We recently returned from a 1 week trip and here is where we ate. We had the regular Dining Plan - our discount worked out to about half-price so we did pretty well. Which of course meant that we ordered a lot of extras lol!

First the Table Service Restaurants

Skipper Canteen - was wonderful. The food was good - not amazing (like Sanaa or even "Ohana), but interesting and tasty. The chocolate cake was exceptionally good! The theming was just fabulous! If there are not enough pix already online I will post a few. The service was great - the waitstaff were pretty much Jungle Cruise skippers. Funny and charming. We would totally eat here again!! We had the Arepas, salad, Char Siu pork, grilled steak, and Kungaloosh cake.I would rate the food good and the dessert excellent.

Be Our Guest - was good. The food and theming were actually better than the Skipper Canteen, but it was just so noisy and hectic. It was less hectic than lunch was last time we went, but not by much. The service was fine and the Beast was great. But. somehow, we don’t think we will eat there again. We had the Potato Leek Soup, French Onion Soup, Salad, Roasted Lamb, Braised Pork, and orange eclair. I would rate the food ok to excellent and the dessert excellent.

Tonys - We have eaten here several times but this was the best meal we’ve had there in years. We eat here because my husband loves the ambiance and the food is generally fine. However, we had skipped lunch that day and were very hungry, so that may have had something to do with it! The service was very good. We had the Zucchini Fries. Caesar Salad, Chicken Parmigiana, and Tiramisu. The food was good and the dessert excellent.

The Rose and Crown - we eat here every trip and always watch the fireworks from the outside seating or the terrace. It was great, as usual. The service was also great. We had the Apple Salad, Meat Pie, Potato Leek Soup (WAY better than the soup at BOG), Bangers and Mash (probably my best meal all week), Sunday Roast Dinner (a special they have on Sundays), and Sticky Toffee Pudding. The food was good to excellent and the dessert excellent.

Teppan Edo - this was our first time eating here. It was a lot of fun and the food was quite good - steak and shrimp. The desserts were odd - we had ginger cake and green tea cake - but not bad. The service was exceptional.I would like to say that we would eat here again but we will probably try a different restaurant next time, as there are so many in Epcot that we have not yet tried. But Teppan Edo is definitely worth eating at again! The food and dessert were good.

50’s Prime Time - was a loser this time. We had eaten there several years ago but it was not as good as we remembered. The theme is charming and the service was great, but the food was just ok. We had the Onion Rings, Meatloaf, Pot Pie, Brownie Sundae and Chocolate PB cake. The onion rings and meatloaf were good, but it was the kind of meal that looked way better than it tasted. The desserts were tremendous, so we shared the ice cream and took the cake back to the room and ate some that night. Tghe desserts were just ok…We would not eat here again - next time we will try Mama Melrose.

Yak and Yeti - this was our first time eating here and we loved it! We waited a very long time and my husband was in a bad mood over it (it was pouring and we think that they were taking several walkins more than they should have), but once we sat down we both perked up. It is beautiful and we spent some time after our meal walking around. We had our best service of the trip here. The food was good to excellent and the dessert was excellent. We had the Egg Rolls, Wonton Soup, Crispy Honey chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala (my husband’s best meal of the week. He said it was different - the pan-asian style - but just as good as what he had at Sanaa last year), and the chocolate pudding cake. We will definitely eat here again!

I will post a few comments about the counter-service places soon, just in case someone will find them helpful.


Great mini reviews! I haven’t been to Skipper’s or BOG dinner yet, but I completely agree with all of you other comments. I always have the fried chicken at 50s, and it hasn’t let me down yet :smile:

Thank you so much for sharing your reviews! It was a fun read and it sounds like you had a lot of enjoyable meals on your trip! Great info!

Edited to add - I’d love to read your counter service reviews as well!

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Here are the Counter Service Places we ate at - and some we didn’t eat at!

Pinnochios - We usually get one meal here. We had the Caprese Flatbread and Italian Flatbread Sub - both good. We substituted Caesar Salad for dessert. I like the theming here and especially like to sit in the room that overlooks It’s a Small World.

Cosmic Rays - We also usually eat here. We had the 1/2 Chicken and Grilled Chicken sandwich and substituted Green Beans for French Fries and it was all good. We also had the carrot cake, which is not terrible. Sonny Eclipse was not “on” and when we asked, we were told that he was gone and probably would not be returning. So sad! We love how cheesy and ridiculous he is!!

Gaston’s Tavern - we didn’t actually eat here, but we did come here a few times to charge our phones and drink a bottle of water. We love the ambiance! The last time we were there, charging and resting, it was late, close to closing, and a cast member brought us 2 chocolate croissants, courtesy of Gaston. Pretty sweet!! Of course, they would probably be stale the next day, but it was still a nice sprinkling of pixie dust. We really appreciate the cast members who go out of their way to be as realistic as possible, as we all spoke of Gaston as if he were really the proprietor.

We didn’t get to Columbia Harbor House or Pecos Bills this time. I really wanted to try out the new menu at Pecos Bills, but we were just never on the side of the park when it was time to eat!

Starbucks in Epcot - I had a breakfast sandwich here. It was the only place open early enough - Sunshine Seasons, where I like to grab something, opens at 11 now. I guess it is because Soarin’ is down. We were sad - Sbucks is ok but we love Sunshine Seasons!

My husband had Fish and Chips one evening at the CS in England and they were good.

I always get the Sweet Pretzel at the bakery in Norway. It was a little stale this time, which was sad. Not terrible, but not fabulous like I usually find it!

Starring Rolls - We ate here at about 10am one morning and they already had sandwiches ready, which was great, as we don’t like too many sweets for breakfast. We shared the Pastrami Sandwich and fruit tart, which were very good.

I want to mention that the Starbucks in the AK was absolutely beautiful!

We shared several snacks - popcorn, a mickey bar, an ice cream sundae from the Plaza, fudge from the candy place on Main Street. The coffee at the Joffreys carts in the AK and Epcot was pretty good, My husband was frustrated in the MK as the only place to get real cream for his coffee was at Starbucks and he is not crazy about Starbucks coffee. The tea from the Anandapur Tea Cart in the AK was delicious.

I guess that is all we ate! Oh - we stayed at the CBR and ate a few meals there, which were ok. The jerk chips are very good! And one morning we scoped out the POR and had breakfast at the Food Court in the French Quarter. It was better than the breakfast at the CBR - we had the breakfast bowls and could choose what they put in them, which was great. And the beignets are tasty.

OK - that is really all we ate!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write up your reviews. They are all so helpful! You’re a star:-)

Again, really helpful to read your opinion. Thank you! :smile:

Wow, these were great and really timely, thank you! I made our ADRs at the 180 day point, but now that we’re reading more reviews on new places, we’re starting to adjust them. I especially appreciate your BOG and Skippers reviews. We’re going to be in MK for dinner one night on our upcoming trip. We’re trying to decide between the two of them. (Actually, I’m trying to decide, my DH just goes along to make me happy :heart_eyes: )

Thank you, I enjoyed reading your thoughts