Some dining decisions/dilemmas

Trip is 5/13-5/22. I need help with two days out of my 9 day trip as far as dining is concerned. I figured I’d ask from the experienced folks and those that have eaten at these places before.

First decision: On one of our MK days:

5:50pm: California Grill dinner - This is so we can walk back into MK after dinner and watch HEA. We’re curious if the show that plays on the front of the castle is worth it or if it’s just the fireworks that are nice.


7:45pm: Be Our Guest dinner - We would probably end up missing the fireworks show, but we are eating at Narcoossee’s another night where we can watch the show from afar.

Note: We’re already doing BoG for breakfast this same day so doing BoG twice in one day might be much but my better half wants to eat there for breakfast…she doesn’t care as much about dinner. She asked me to pick. I’ve heard BoG at dinner isn’t that great which is why I’m asking. I worked hard to get that 7:45pm reservation lol.

Second decision:

Pick one based on your experience, both food and service.

Yachtsman Steakhouse or il Mulino

We’re staying at the Beach Club so it’s nice after a long day at Epcot to leave the park a little early and go back to the resort and have Yachtsman Steakhouse, or walk over to the Swan and have il Mulino. I have a feeling the food might be better at il Mulino but that’s just a guess.

Also, just to give you an idea as to the dinner ADR’s on the rest of our trip:

  • Morimoto Asia
  • Shula’s
  • Teppan Edo
  • Flying Fish
  • The Boathouse
  • Narcoosee’s
  • Jiko

So we’re getting pretty much getting some great places, but just curious what you guys thought.

Cali Grill and Yachtsman SH. I have never been to IL Mulino but had a great meal at Yachtsman. CG is also a great meal with high level of ambiance. BOG is good meal, but unless getting photo with The Beast is a must, CG is my call.

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Your ADR list is fabulous.
I too would pick CG over BOG. BOG is fine, but CG is a much better dining experience (better service, better food, better ambiance). I haven’t been to Il Mulino but love Yachtsman.


Go to CG for dinner and then watch the fireworks from inside the park/the Hub. I love the projections during HEA. I agree that BOG dinner is not that great. It was better when it first opened, last time we ate dinner there we were so disappointed.
I haven’t eaten at Yachtsman or il Mulino, so no advice there. Your ADR’s are great for your whole trip!


First decision - Plan A all the way. The food at CG is among the best in WDW, and you can’t beat the view. You definitely want to see HEA from within the park, preferably on MS.

Second decision - These are both restaurants that I actually have not been to yet and both get very good reviews. If I was in your place I would probably choose Il Mulino. Shula’s is a steakhouse - some say the best in WDW. The Boathouse is also largely a steakhouse, although they have a more extensive menu. Il Mulino is an upscale Italian restaurant (again, many say the best Italian food in WDW), but also has steaks if someone has their heart set on steak.

Truth be told, after my rather disappointing steak dinner at the Boathouse, I would probably choose Yachtsman over it.

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