Solo Trips

I have never lied to my children except about Santa Claus, Easter bunny and my DD13 is still mad at me about that. But they don’t want to go as much anymore unless they can bring friends which wdw is not like the local six flags so asking a friend and/or paying for one is not quite the same.

I went on a two-night solo trip to DLR last year and it was grand! I sent pics and videos home to my wife and kids so they could feel included (I was in CA for work so I was just at the parks for the evenings). I even called my kids from the line for Radiator Springs Racers to say goodnight.

I did a solo trip to WDW before I was married (again it was during a work trip) and had a fantastic time. I loved the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I did my favorites in all four parks in one day.


Ha my solo trips were also connected to business travel and taking advantage of the location. One of my favorite solos was to visit Salem, MA. I actually went in earlier the weekend before to site see. During the weeks meetings my coworkers asked if I did that a lot. Yep, especially new places. They told me to give them a heads up next time so they could join.

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Work is definitely a good excuse to go solo! A conference I’m interested in happens to be in Orlando next year- doubt it will actually be on though!


I’ve gone to DL solo a few times since my company HQ is in Irvine.

I lived in Salem for about 10 years. We moved further north about 8 years ago when I got pregnant. You couldn’t PAY me to go there now :laughing: