Solo Trips

Does anyone plan solo trips without their families? I think mine may be worn out. If they do, do ya’ll have get togethers with liners so you’re not alone all the time? I don’t mind solo time…I can see a whole lot of benefits honestly including no eye-rolls from teens or husbands! HA! but it would be nice to talk to someone a time or two without imposing on others holidays with their families by chatting to random strangers! Do ya’ll have tips for solo trips if I decide to do it? Thanks!


Pre COVID, so these may not work currently…

Dine in bars. Often the full menu, of the neighboring restaurant, is available and people tend to be more chatty in bars.

Start conversations in the queue. Ask about their shirts, pins, or ears. And the ever popular, “where y’all from?”

And, call out for liner meet ups, right here.

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Yeah I’m thinking of next summer so if they change their mind family can join me AND hoping we have a vaccine, Fastpass, shows, etc.

Do we?

I’ll say we do!

And yes, lots of meetups happen




I believe @Randall1028 once wrote that he didn’t feel alone cuz he had us with him while he did a live trip report.


I plan 1 or 2 a year. I love the alone time, do what you want when you want. Here are some things that help if you start to feel lonely.

  1. Taking people from the Forum along with you is great fun. Like minded people and all. It can be a live report, sort of live report, or even a summary each day. Another easy way is playing the "where in the world game?

  2. Talk to people. I have met so many great people when i am solo. You are more likely to start up a conversation with people. I have had a family of four adopt me for a morning. I started talking to them at the bus stop and they insisted i join them for the first few rides of the day.

  3. Liner meets are awesome. Its great to meet the people behind the posts, so if the opportunity arises do it. Most of the time its just a few minutes talking, you dont need to hang with them all day.

I highly recommend that if you can give it a try. This is when you find the time to take it all in, do things you might want to do that your family may not. Good luck


I went on my first (and unfortunately only) solo trip in January right before the shutdown. I thought that people would look at me funny, think I was a creep, etc but I went because DW (thank you @alpha_foxtrot!) kept encouraging me to take the solo trip. Ultimately no one cared that I was on a solo trip and most people just liked sharing their love of Disney. While I did miss my family while I was there, it was pretty nice to do things at my own pace. I did constantly text them and send pictures. For dining I did all QS on my trip to avoid any awkwardness at meals, but I think I’d add at least one TS if/when I do it again.


Not if. When. :blush:


There was a time in my life I’d never want to eat alone or see a movie alone let alone take a vacay alone but after giving myself to a family for about 17 years it honestly sounds nice in more ways than a fear of being alone. I also have four needy dogs at home which is great since my kids don’t snuggle anymore but true freedom from responsibility of meeting anyone else’s needs sound like heaven. Lol


After COVID is over I’d love to get away somewhere by myself for a week. Was thinking somewhere in the Caribbean but maybe Disney would be an option too. Do you guys lie to your kids about where you’re going? LOL. Then I think that I should take my kids, but then there goes my relaxing vacation. I’d want to do lots of sitting by the pool, eating at the bar and shopping. All of which are impossible with kids…


I’d honestly want to play the stupid games and look like a giant dork holding up cards at sorcerer portals or playing the pirates one. And I’d spend three days in Epcot world showcase.


I am going alone (I think) at the end of January 2021. I want to do some of the meals that my kids and my friend (who just went with me last week) are not interested in. BOG and CRT are two that come to mind. I don’t even really care about the food, I just want to eat in the castle and in the Beast’s dining room or whatever it is. If characters come out from afar, that’s an added bonus.


I had planned a solo trip this past month, but a few weeks earlier my friends decided I couldn’t possibly go to Disney alone, so they joined me. It was great to have some adult time… but now I feel like I need to pull of a solo trip for real:stuck_out_tongue:


No, I told my daughter I was going. She was ok with it (she’s 6). We’re going back together in January. My friends lied to their kids …

I did Wilderness Explorers. And am a proud Senior Wilderness Explorer. I did Animation Experience and have my framed Dumbo sketch. I prefer to go with loved ones, but if they are not there, I’m Not not going.

It’s completely fine, lovely, blissful, wonderful. It turns out that I like myself enough to love spending time with myself. And especially at Disney World


I’m single and ALL my trips are solo. I occasionally meet up with a friend for a day, but I get itchy with more time planning with someone. I like my freedom!


I did DVC rental so it’s official I am going because I cannot cancel that. Now we see if anyone joins me…


I 100% love solo trips! But I haven’t done one at Disney yet. It’s on my list. So far my solo trips were mostly to visit a friend who was teaching in London, so it wasn’t completely solo, but I’ve also done weekends alone in a hotel in DC (where I live) where I go to DC attractions near my hotel that I would usually have to travel an hour or more on the subway to get to. That’s a lot of fun. Mostly for me it’s having a breather from being called “Mom” for a few days. I so want to travel again, esp. solo. I’ve made a lot of imaginary plans for 2022 and beyond.


I wouldn’t lie to them, but I might also not tell them the total truth until I got back. It would depend on the location I guess. I like to send pics back home and to Facetime when I’m on my trips sometimes so lying wouldn’t go along with that.