Solo trip report day #3

I am not very familiar with UOR so I had a hard time live reporting my day. Here’s the list of what I accomplished from 8:30-4:30 today. I am moving pretty slow from tired feet & knees sore from my fall yesterday. So many Brazilian tour groups today! I’m all done with motion simulators for awhile I think! I’m headed back to Pop to crash until DH arrives later tonight!



Sorry your knee is giving you trouble. :frowning:

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Wow that is a full day!! Did you have express pass?

Sorry that your knee is not feeling better.

That was one busy day!! Loving the photos…
Sorry your knee is still bothering you…hope it improves for the rest of your trip…
Again…thanks for taking us along…

Sorry about your fall and knee. I had to back track and see what i missed.

Sounds lime you had a good today. Thank you for sharing your day. I so miss FL.

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That’s an impressive schedule. You did so much in just 8 hours!
Love the photos!

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Yes, I had Express pass. There is no way I could have gotten all of this done without it. I used the 2 park/ one day canned TP. Overall it worked well but the wait times it estimated with EP were wayyyy off. It estimated 1-5 minute waits for everything. I did not experience any waits that short. But better than the 115 posted lol


Continued in WDW forum :wink:

Great photos … thanks for sharing

what were the waits roughly? 10 min? 15 min? I tried making a touring plan for Uni and IOA with express pass and it gave me all 1-2 min waits as well. I figured that couldn’t be correct. can’t even walk through the queus that fast I imagine!

Yeah, it really varied. I probably waited 30 for Gringotts when it was posted at 115. Hulk was posted at 90, probably waited 20. On average the others were ~10 minutes except for the really short lines.