Solo trip planning for the first time in…ever!

Hello! It is looking more and more likely that I will be able to take my first ever solo trip to Disney in less than two months! In fact, this will be my first ever solo trip anywhere, and while I’m SO excited, today I find myself slightly panicking at the prospect! I’m used to planning for the family, but I am feeling very stuck planning for just me. If all goes well, I should be at WDW for nine days/nights and then UOR for 2 days/nights! Someone please throw me a lifeline in the midst of my planning funk and send me your tips, tricks, and reassurances for going solo! Thanks!


Doesn’t it feel great! IME - As the planner, it’s so liberating to only have to put everything together for just yourself for a solo trip!

You going to MNSSHP? I remember you thinking about it!

I’ll be back later. Thinking about best “tricks” for you!


Eeek!!! Tell us more. Where are you staying? Are you doing in TS restaurants? What’s on your must do list?


I’m following as I’m also planning my first solo trip - though not till end of Nov 2024! I’ve got 2 nights at UOR followed by 7 nights at WDW. I wish it was a longer trip but grateful I get to go at all.


It does indeed feel great, but for some reason I feel panic at the moment! Lol! Yes, I’m still considering MNSSHP on the 19th, and I might even book it for the 12th, too-is that crazy to consider going twice? I’ve never been! My teen and I went to Mickey’s Christmas party last year, and I feel like we didn’t even see or do half of what was offered!


Booked at ASMu preferred which is a new to me resort. I don’t plan on spending a lot of time in my room as I want to take advantage of as much “me time” to do the things I want to do in the parks! :blush: So far I have booked the following…
-Space 220 lounge
-Sci fi
-50’s cafe for Fantasmic seating (on the fence about this one)
-Tusker House breakfast (on the fence with this one as well as I’m not sure how I’ll feel with character dining solo, but I love Tusker House!)
-Yak and Yeti
-Oga’s after park close (separate night from Fantasmic)
-Boma late breakfast/brunch

I am not even sure I’ll end up keeping any of these except for the Space 220 and likely Boma. I am second guessing the plans I have loosely put together already! And, I love planning, but it feels so weird to plan just for me. :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl:

I do know I want to spend a couple of days/evenings snacking around food and wine and Epcot…!


Take a deep breath and then just do whatever you want. You’ve been through all this before so it’s exactly the same, just with no limitations. Woohoo!


You can tell your server you don’t need the characters to stop by your table. That way you can see them with other guests without having to take the time and effort yourself. I have a Topolino’s breakfast ADR because I love it but if I keep it I will let the server know I would rather not have the characters stop by my table, just admire them from afar.

For the solo part of my trip the last week in August, I’ve booked Keys to the Kingdom, Caring for Giants, Starlight Safari, and MNSSHP. I wouldn’t book MNSSHP twice, it is very fun but also can be overwhelming. And the last two times I went I hadn’t booked it ahead of time and was able to buy day-of as a solo guest, so you might be able to book it for the second time if you really want to once you’ve experienced it. I booked those extra experiences exactly because I have always wanted to do them but wasn’t sure my family did, so now I get to!


With just one you don’t have to plan…that’s the glory of a solo trip. I’d make a list of all the snacks you want to get, characters you want to meet, and resorts you’d like to visit.


Do it! You will be surprised how supportive the people are around you. When I was solo at TH house, the folks beside me asked for my phone so I could get pics with characters. The characters are super supportive as well.

I love my table service time, but end up missing out on festival food and park snacks because of it. My next trip I am determined to do less TS so I can snack at F&W and get a hot dog from Casey’s and a turkey leg. So - good strategy there.


I have already started my snack list! :rofl: And, yes I can definitely tour resorts!!! We’ve toured the monorail resorts before and stayed at the Contemporary. We’ve also stayed at POR, ASMo, Gran Destino tower, and AKL. I’m thinking of taking the boat one afternoon/evening to POFQ from Disney Springs to try some beignets and look around. What are some “must see” resorts that I haven’t been to already?


I like the idea of not being tied down to reservations and if that turkey leg looks too good to pass up then I can get one! :rofl: But, I also have some FOMO when it comes to table service. I need to come up with a good balance!


Tell us what your first day looks like tentatively.


Yay! I’m doing a last minute solo Disneyland trip at the beginning of august because I want to see Rogers the musical and Wonderous Journeys and I’m so excited! I did a whirlwind solo trip to WDW a couple years ago to say goodbye to happily ever after (ha!) and it was so much fun to wander and do whatever I wanted on my own schedule. That was also the trip I ended up in my own splash mountain log and by myself flying the millennium falcon! The random memories are the best.


Here are my tentative plans so far….
Day 1: Arrive at resort by 11am, go to AK early afternoon with YY late lunch, bus to Disney Springs to check it out, shop a little, and try a Gideons cookie (and bring one or two back to resort…:innocent:)

Day 2: Epcot late morning -early afternoon for a few favorite front of park rides and then monorail to MK for MNSSHP

Day 3: Sleep in and go to HS for 11:30 Sci Fi lunch and skyline to Epcot for evening

Day 4: Leisurely stroll around MK riding whatever, returning to resort mid day or resort touring, and returning for HEA in evening

Day 5: Wildlife photography off-site at until HS in the evening for whatever rides and then after park close Oga’s

Day 6: AK morning with Boma brunch and then bus to HS for whatever, evening dinner at 50’s with Fantasmic seating

Day 7: Early Tusker House breakfast??, wander to see ALL the animals and trails, resort hop to see new to me resorts, end up at Epcot for Space 220 lounge res at 4:30, evening at Epcot

Day 8: Another wildlife photography morning and end up at Epcot….OR I considered doing a 4 park/1 day challenge!!!

Day 9: MK park reservation with possible repeat of MNSSHP

Day 10: Check out and head to UOR
Day 11: UOR
Day 12: Check out of UOR and more wildlife photography before heading home

These are very tentative plans, and I know weather (and possibly tropical weather!!!:cyclone:) can drastically change everything in a minute! Thoughts??


I can’t imagine being on MF by myself-that would be absolutely fantastic and would hope nobody could listen or see in! :rofl:


Your plans sound amazing. I loved reading the words “leisurely” and “stroll.”


I have to keep reminding myself of that…I’m so used to go, go, go at Disney! One of my top to-do attractions is Hall of Presidents because I’ve never seen it and I can relax! :rofl:


Sounds fabulous!


Wilderness Lodge. The lobby, the nooks and cranny comfy places, at Boulder Ridge all the Walt railroad memorabilia, the Geyser , Geyser Point lounge, taking a boat to or from MK