Solo trip - need advice!

So I know a fair amount of people have written about it, but I have officially decided to be bold and do my own solo trip since no one else is free in 2019 and I refuse to skip a year! Haha!

Money isn’t too much of an issue for me but I want to be reasonable. Should I splurge and stay in the resort or are the DSRA hotels good enough?

Are there any major things to know for doing a solo trip beyond the normal things? This will be my sixth trip to WDW and 3rd time using Lines so I’m pretty familiar with that aspect.

Also are there opportunities to meet up with other single or solo Liners?

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Congrats on your trip! I think I would feel a little safer knowing I was staying on property .

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I’d stay on site. I’d want the (relative) convenience of Disney transportation and the safety of the Disney bubble. Oh, and check to see if you can still get FP 60 days before when staying at a DSRA hotel - I’m not sure if that’s still going on, and it’s worth considering. YMMV, but you may find (depending on which resort and hotel you’re comparing and when you’re going) that there’s not much difference in price. Don’t forget to add in fees when doing a comparison so you’re comparing apples to apples.


Yes, this!! Some of the rates look great online, but those don’t include all the fees which quickly add up.


I found convention hotels to be good for solo trips as I don’t feel I stand out as much since there’s just a whole lot more adults vs families around. DS is good for this as is Swan Dolphin. Really any where Disney is fine. It’s just budget, taste, and location.

Solo is so easy. Not much else really except no one to carry anything for you or trade off with so don’t carry too much stuff. Most everything is easier and faster (so much faster) solo. Restaurants are fine except I felt I had to haul everything to the bathroom instead of leaving it unattended.