Solo Trip: January 2020

I am planning a solo journey to the bubble just after the holidays, in early January 2020. I am feeling nearly paralyzed by indecision and am hoping you all will chime in with your thoughts concerning plans.

I expect to arrive at CBR at 11am on 1/4 and will be in the bubble until that nasty old bus takes me away at about 3pm on 1/7. A short but sweet visit that I want to be good for my soul, which is tired and in need of some solitude, but exciting and full at the same time (already the indecision begins).

So. I arrive at CBR at 11am on 1/4. And then I hit a wall. Where should I go first? No parks are open that night (as of now) past 9pm. And all are at CL 9-10.

I chose to transfer to CBR from ASMo for Deathoven, er, Skyliner access to parks and resorts. So do I focus on that?

I want to see and do things that are new to everyone and also to me: Riviera, Topolino, Gran Destino, Dahlia Lounge. And also places that are new to me even though they’ve been around a while: CBR entirely, possibly Sebastians.

But I love AK and I feel like this will be a great opportunity for me to spend some solid time at EP WS (my family is getting better but still doesn’t meander through there like I’d like to).

And then of course there is SWGE which will have both rides by then; I’m torn on this as I’m not a fan and feel like I might rather see it when my DH (who is a fan) sees it for the first time in April.

But I also don’t want to miss HEA. Because it’s the best.

And I should see Epcot Forever.

But sunset from one of the towers would be so lovely. Except that it happens so early in January that it will mean the end of a park day, really, since they all close so early every night of my stay.

You see the trouble I’m having?

Someone offer up some good plans for me!!!


So you have three nights…maybe spend the first day in AK since it’s your fave and then spend some time after you leave the park to explore the Riviera, eat dinner, see fireworks?? And then earmark the next two nights for EP and MK and those fireworks?

You could use EMH in HS on Sunday to explore SWGE.

I’m super jealous BTW. I mentioned to my DH the other day how I’d like to go solo in Jan/Feb and he looked at me like I had six heads. :sob:


Are you going to have possibly have 2.5 park days? And you have an AP? You could skyliner to Epcot night 1- if you want to hit a park. Then have a day for MK and AK.

I would focus on stuff your family isn’t as In to. Meandering works show case sounds nice!

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I am not a Star Wars fan and found SWGE confusing. I think it would be much more exciting to see it with someone who knows what things mean.

Do you need to see Epcot Forever up close? You could watch it from the Dahlia Lounge and knock out three things at once.


Sun sets at like 4:00 pm. You could easily see the sunset from a tower, like Riviera, and also see Epcot Forever inside the park, after riding the skyliner. We’ll be there a week after you and I have to keep reminding myself of how early it gets dark.

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I will miss you by one day :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I am a big Star Wars fan and found SWGE confusing …

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In January sun sets at around 5:40. I checked this.

It would help substantially if it did set at 4; it’s the later time that makes dining and returning to a park not ideal. But I think I worked out to be able to return to EP after Topolino. Taking some ideas generated here I lobbed off HS entirely and reworked everything else and I think I’m getting somewhere


I am missing a bunch of people by a few days. I looked at going over marathon weekend but it’s substantymore expensive both for room and flights. As I’m doing this one “on the cheap” I just couldn’t make it work. :confused:

Though, this trip really will be solo because I need that so it’s probably for the best for me that I leave as everyone else arrives.

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Sounds like it will be a good recharge.

Sounds like you really need this one. I am so happy that you are getting a chance to do a solo trip. From someone who does solo trips often I think the less you plan the better. I only plan meals and the first 3 FPP, other than that I just go where I want at any given time. You go often enough that who cares if your park day ends early if seeing the sunset from the Riviera is something you really want to do. Besides I find it easy to get plenty done in the parks with a party of one that ending early is ok. As far as the shows are concerned I think you will be able to fit them both in. SWGE I was not going to go, my last trip but then my nephew (big SW fan) decided to go for a couple of days so we did it together. So much better that way, so wait to see it with DH if he is a fan. I saw TSL for the first time on a solo trip, just was not the same without being able to share that experience with DW. No matter how you do it, you know you will have a great time, enjoy. And by the way you leave right before my solo trip as well.


That would be my DH’s response which is why I have kept those thoughts to myself.

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Oof that’s like the exact least ideal time. Could you take the Skyliner from CBR to Epcot around sunset and watch the sunset from there? Then you could get off right at IG and have a nice amble around WS, preferably with a tasty adult beverage in hand… :sunglasses:

If I were you, I’d brainstorm a list of all the things that I really wanted to do, and then go through the list and star the ones that I would have an easier time doing solo, and also the ones that were a priority for me, without having to take anyone else into account. (But I am a list-maker, so.)

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You’ve missed the detail that I want to be in the tower for sunset. :wink:

Well then… you should be in the tower for sunset! Don’t let us stop you!

Update: I am going to stay at AoA. Why?

I’ve not stayed there before
I love Pop, but I have stayed there three times
There is Skyliner access and need to do this often this trip as family has firmly said “no go”
Yet it’s more affordable than CBR (remember: on the cheap)
Buses don’t share so when a bus is needed that’s a plus

No changes to other plans so far but making headway thanks to the feedback here.

I do remember from other solo times that it’s way easier to move as a party of one and also to call an audible as you don’t have to consult anyone :wink: