Solo Dinner on property

I’m planning on a solo MK day next week. MK closes at 6pm for MNSSHP so I need to find somewhere else to eat dinner. If you could eat solo anywhere on property, except for inside the parks, where would you go? I will have a car. Also, this is next week so reservations may be limited for the more popular restaurants.

I’ll also have the next morning free so I need suggestions on a breakfast/brunch/early lunch restaurant as well. Help me decide! Where should I go?


As a frequent solo traveler, I have never had trouble snagging a reservation right before, even for the popular spots!
I would pick Topolino’s for brunch the next morning and probably try to snag Citricos or Narcoossee’s (is it closed still?) for dinner

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I should say, I just refresh a few times in the days leading up to my desired day. People tend to reassess their plans the night before and things pop up constantly!

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Go on a progressive monorail resort dinner, enjoying one item from each bar as the night goes on

I did that in August and it was such a great night!


I recall this - you had a blast. I think you might have even surprised yourself. :wink:


Dining solo is a chance for you to eat at places you otherwise don’t - because of cost or dining companions’ likes/allergies or ages, or the effort to get there. It’s a chance to be adventuresome!


Really enjoyed steakhouse 71 on my last solo trip…

Actually I think I am really just liking solo trips!


I really loved the restaurant at tge AK hotel where you can see the animals from the window. Of course, if it’s dark you might not be able to see them.

Sanaa. My favorite.

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This is when I would get on the list for Trader Sams and make a night of it. Plenty of UhOahs and maybe some rainbow rolls to make it “dinner”.

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A tip: It’s sometimes hard to find reservations for just 1 but you may be able to find one for 2 or 4 at the time you are looking for and then you can modify your reservation to be just for 1.

The last time I was at WDW, we enjoyed a lovely meal at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. Our whole group enjoyed the food there.

As a single traveler you’re likely to slip into Sam’s quite easily, especially later in the evening. I walked up and right in around 9pm during my stay. I was sat at the large communal table in the center of the lounge, and had some wonderful conversation with a fabulous couple from California whose home park is DLR.

I was glad to get into Sam’s so easily but my backup was Tambu (for noodz, obvi) so I was happy with either option. I think my willingness to be flexible made the universe smile down on me :slight_smile: