Solo dining recommendations…

I have an upcoming trip planned for 10 nights…

Both of my sons will be working but will join me on their days off. The group ADRs are finished but me not so much.

But curious as to recommendations for lunch & dinner the days I am on my own…

I’d go anywhere you wanted to go. I frequently dine solo in WDW and haven’t ever really had a bad experience. Sometimes it’s more awkward for the server than you though.


Did you have any luck with “walk up” or ADR

I’ve always made adrs.

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Not sure what type of restaurants you’re looking for, but I had a great time solo at Jiko. Not at all awkward, and gave me the opportunity to sit at the chefs table/bar thingy.


We normally do table service dining especially event dining, family-style, or buffet type meals cause we normally have a bit of a crowd.

This is my chance to branch out a bit…


Wherever you want to go!

Seriously they do a great job everywhere with solo diners. If you feel intimidated by the thought of dining alone, have a seat at the bar instead - you can order off the menu there too!

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Not intimidated in the least just kinda stuck on where do I actually want to go…

So typically lunch at
MK is liberty tree tavern
EP is garden grill ect…

Just seems like a waste for solo…during destinationD
I was able to grab lunch at steakhouse 71 it was phenomenal not crowded -

Lol help me out of my i have a large family of all foodies rut…