Solo dining in Downtown Disney (Springs)?

I’m planning a short solo trip in September, staying at one of the “official” hotels near Downtown Disney/Disney Springs. I want to spend my arrival evening checking out the restaurants and nightlife. Does anyone know how feasible it is to plan on stopping at a few of the restaurants for an appetizer/drink at each of the bars?

Partly, I’d love to get a sense of which places I like best (planning a longer trip with a friend in '16). Do you think it will be possible for me to grab oysters at Fulton’s, a tamale at Bongos, dessert at T-Rex? (With an appropriate beverage with each, and I don’t plan to stay a long time and take up space… and I tip appropriately…)

I am quite sure this will be easy to do. When I was there in the fall with my mom, we got seats at bars/lounges all over the place with no issue, and one is always easier than two. It’s a great idea for solo touring, in my opinion!

Sweet! Thanks for the reassurance :smile: I’m really looking forward to this trip, even more so now.

Be sure to hit up the mojito stand in front of Bongos.

there’s a mojito stand? ooooh… :heart_eyes:

Oh yeah, with several sizes of Sugar Cane Mojitos with actual sugar cane as stirrers


Raglan Road shouldn’t be too much of a problem; I sat at the bar a number of times there. That’s the only DTD restaurant I go to, so I can’t comment on the others. I’m hoping to try doing it at the Boathouse next time I go.

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If you haven’t looked at it for an option yet, take a look at Paradiso 37 as well.

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All the sites rave about Raglan Road so I may try there.

I’m looking at Paradiso 37 now, and that looks pretty great too! Disney’s site shows an upstairs bar that looks wonderful.

This arrival-day tour is gonna get expensive. Shucks.