Solo Day Advice

DH and I are headed to AKL in May for 5 days and then I will transfer to a work conference for the next 5 days. My conference is over on Saturday at noon and my flight leaves Sunday afternoon. So I have all afternoon and evening to hit a park/dinner solo. I will be buying my first AP this trip as I have two other trips planned later in 2018/2019 so of course I want to make use of it. Should I take the plunge and go for the day/night?

I’ve never traveled solo for fun before. What should I do/where should I go? Any restaurant recs that are especially good for solo dining?

I loved EPCOT solo! I went last may for 2 full park days and spent one at Magic Kingdom and the other was doing the Destinations Undiscovered world showcase tour. Would do it again in a heartbeat! I did all QS during that trip, but did the HEA dessert party solo.


Solo in the parks is fantastic! I’ve travelled to Disney for week long trips solo a few times now.
Flower and Garden Festival will be on at EPCOT, I highly recommend strolling around World Showcase grabbing things to eat at the kiosks and people watching or seeing the performers throughout the pavillions.
Or grab a Behind the Seeds Tour in the Land.
If you’re at Animal Kingdom, I have dined solo at Tiffins and it was an amazing experience. the staff were wonderful, I did not feel akward or out of place and they took the time to chat with me about my trip, where I was from and selecting the best dishes off the menu.
Enjoy your solo time in May!!!


It is such a different experience going solo - and in a really good way. You don’t have to worry if anyone else is getting to do what they want or having a good time or needs the bathroom or needs a break or is hungry or … anything else! It’s all you!

On my first solo morning almost a year ago, I focused on doing things my family never wanted to do: Liberty Square Riverboat, Main Street Vehicles, that kind of thing. I played a round of Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. I sat and listened to the singing lessons going on in an apartment above Main Street while enjoying a Starbucks from Main Street Bakery. I went slow and easy and took it all in.

On my second solo day, I had FPP for my favorite things. And I brought my “family” with me since they were stuck at home

They didn’t mind a bit doing all the things I wanted to, and they didn’t mind eating at places they normally wouldn’t go near :wink:

As for restaurants - anywhere is fine for solo diners, but a lot of people report enjoying the lounges when they are on their own. When I took in some QS meals it was nice to just sit and take in my surroundings, or make conversation with other guests nearby.

You’ll love having a little time to yourself! Especially if you have four (FOUR?!) monkeys at home. I can’t wait to hear all about it!


That is awesome–taking your people with you on a stick. :rofl:

These responses are giving me confidence that I can do a solo day and actually have fun.

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