Solo Business Trip Report Dec 11-14

Hello TP People,

I’ve never done a trip report before. But I enjoy reading other peoples, so I thought my recent business trip might be an interesting report for others considering a solo trip, or business trip.

A little background on me as a fan:
I’m a long time Disney fan. My first trip was back in 1971 with my parents. My memories are based on photos of that time mostly. But I do have a distinct memory of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We went again in 1978 and 1983. Many fond memories of Epcot on the '83 trip. Our family would make the long drive from Ontario, Canada and stay off property. They were usually single day trips. Back when you could do most of the park in one day. :smile:
I began taking my family in the early 90’s. I’ve got 3 kids, 24, 13, and 8. We’ve gone 8 times together as a family and stayed mostly at the Poly, and Grand Flo. So…we’re a bit spoiled when it comes to our experiences on property. I’ve also been lucky enough to have done an evening in Disneyland, California (again on a business trip) and a full day at Disneyland Paris. (another business trip) I’m a huge Parks fan (obviously). I also enjoy the Disney films. Mostly pre-1978.

On with my trip report…
A client of mine originally scheduled a meeting in the Orlando area, and then changed the location to Jacksonville at the last minute… I had already booked a 3 night stay at Coronado Springs Resort. And was planning on going to the parks for my arrival day, a half day on day 3, and a full day on my departure day. The Jacksonville detour put a bit of a wrinkle in my plans, but I was determined to make it all work.

Trying to find a place to stay that would be on property and still meet the financial restrictions of my company wasn’t easy. (as it turns out - impossible) I started by searching using JTT’s search tool to find a deal on priceline express. I have no idea if it’s because I’m searching from Canada, or if I waited too long, but the B-resort, and the Hyatt Regency kept coming up…and really nothing else worth mentioning. I didn’t want to stay at either of those, so I reached to to Mike Rahlmann at the Magic for Less. He found a decent deal for Canadian residence at the Coronado Resort. $239 tax in. Mike is also the host of Be Our Guest podcast. I’ve been a long time listener of his show, and found him to be a good agent.

My Jacksonville issue ended up causing me to have to do a split stay. Coronado couldn’t accommodate my request to check out for a day, then check back in again on the same reservation. I ended up getting a Ramada in Jacksonville for the 2nd night. And the Caribbean Beach Resort for the 3rd and final night. It’s too bad that I couldn’t have returned to the Coronado, because as it turned out my renovated room at the Coronado was much, much better than the pirate room I ended up getting at CBR. Which turned out to be one of the worst hotel rooms I’ve ever had in my very long life of hotel stays…more on that later.

Anyone who has experienced frequent air travel already knows this. But I really feel like international air travel is getting worse. My flight from Toronto to Orlando was normal. A giant delay at the 3 stage security at YYZ (Toronto airport). No matter how many times I go through the security / customs experience - I can’t help but think - won’t it be great when someone invents the Star Trek teleporter and we don’t have to go through all that BS…
Arriving at MCO at 10:05am, I was at the Budget Fastbreak desk by 10:25, and on the road by 10:35. Easily the fastest I’ve ever gotten through MCO. It’s amazing how fast you can go when you don’t have your whole family with you. lol.
I arrived to the security gate at Coronado by 11:45. (a bit of traffic on my way in slowed me down a bit) Then it took me a while to find the front check-in. The resort, which is massive. Was crawling with convention people. Very few cast members to be found. Disney won’t ship magicbands to Canada anymore…so we always have to check in at the front desk to get our magic bands. (a major pain in the butt. If any of you know a work around to this…i’m all ears)!
I had a great cast member at the front desk. I tried my hardest to get an anytime Fastpass from her by telling the story of how bad my FP’s are with only booking a week out. (no luck :blush: but worth a try )IMG_1577|666x500

I hoped in an Uber and headed to Epcot. I didn’t want to take a bus, as I thought even a 10 minute delay would be potentially one less thing I could accomplish in my short trip. Unfortunately the Uber driver couldn’t find his way out of the parking lot… i’m not joking. He was a nice enough guy. I just quickly pointed out that he should maybe not pay so much attention to his GPS, and just look at the signs that are clearly marked exit. lol. So much for my plan to get to the parks quickly.

10 minutes later I was in heaven! No bag, so security was a breeze.

My plan was to hit the rides / attractions and food that my family wouldn’t normally go towards. My first stop was The Land. I love this building! It is Epcot for me. The beautiful entrance. Two amazing rides. I’m secretly hoping they’ll add a Inside Out ride experience at the old Circle of Life theatre.

My reward for a long morning of travel was to grab a Mickey Whoopie Pie. A bit too sweet for me.
Then on to Living with the Land. Love, love, love it! Some cute Christmas touches as well.

Then headed over to my next fastpass (that didn’t need a fastpass) Journey Into Imagination. Of all the years I’ve been to Epcot, this was my first time riding this ride! I was soooo excited. lol. A bit of a let down… but I’m glad I did it. :slight_smile: Darted over to Canada to watch the O’Canada film one more time before its gone. So sad to see it go… I shed a tear everytime O’Canada plays… I love my country!!
At that point the International Festival of the Holidays was calling my name. Time to eat and drink my way around the world!! The crowds were heavy… France was my first stop- Bouchée à la Reine Traditionnelle: Turkey and Mushrooms in a Veloute Cream Sauce served in a Light Puff Pastry – $6.75 Good flaky crust. I enjoyed the Mushrooms and Cream sauce. The turkey was a bit dry. I also got a Willm, Brut Blanc de Blanc Sparking Wine – $9.50. You can’t lose with a glass of bubbly!!

Then enjoyed listening to the drummers in Japan while drinking a lovely glass of Sake. Had to make a stop at the train set near Germany. I swear that train set is every man’s dream playset from their childhood. It’s amazing how many guys between 40-60 were there with me watching the trains go by. It’s a must do.

Strolled through Morocco, and Germany. Snuck into Biergarten to listen to a little Oktoberfest music. One day I’m going to eat at that restaurant. I’m a sucker for sauerkraut. It’s always such a fun atmosphere. Then off to my favourite country in Epcot -Mexico. This was the highlight of the food festival for me. The Enchilada de Pollo con Mole: Chipotle Chicken in a Corn Tortilla topped with Mole Negro and garnished with Shredded Oaxaca Cheese and Sesame Seeds – $6.35, paired with a classic margarita was hands down the best food I had in my short trip. Wow!! I went back and told the cast members just how amazing it was.
Listened to some gospel Christmas music at the main stage for a bit. What a band!! If I had another margarita I would have stayed longer to enjoy the music. But I had a few more rides to hit before hoping over to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas party!!
Enjoyed Mission Space (Green…i’m a chicken…) And hit single rider Test Track (which was a walk on!!) and my final fastpass of Spaceship Earth (best ride at Epcot!!) before grabbing one more snack to keep me company on the monorail ride to MK. The Croissant Doughnut with Eggnog Pastry Cream and Gingersnap Crumbs — $6.50 at Taste Track might have been the best treat I’ve ever eaten in my life!! I swear I must have been moaning with pleasure as I ate it in the monorail. lol. I did make sure that the woman next to me knew that it was the donut that was causing my reaction. :blush: The Guardians roller coaster is coming along nicely. Can’t wait for that!!!

I’m going to continue my trip report tomorrow. Hope you’re enjoying it so far…


Thanks for the report. I am really interested in you CBR experience. I love CSR!

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Terrific report — thanks! I’m also looking forward to the information about your Pirate room. That was one of the few affordable options for my last-minute Christmas trip. A bit of research put me right off it.

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I am enjoying your report. I tried Biergarten in October for the first time. Loved it and would go again. Definitely schedule it for one of your trips.

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Sounds like a great afternoon at Epcot! You’ve made me feel like a bad Canadian though. We have never managed to see the film at the Canadian pavilion. Didn’t think the kids would enjoy it.

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Report continued:

One thing that I didn’t mention about my afternoon at Epcot was it was quite cold. Even for us Canadians. It was only a few degrees colder in Toronto than it was in Orlando that day. The difference being the brilliant sunshine! It was still an amazing day by myself. I thought I’d be a bit lonely without my kids with me. All of them are huge park fans. My wife… not so much. :wink:

I’ve experienced the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party before. We really enjoyed it last time. So I was using the ticket really as a fastpass to get on the majority of the rides. Although I intended to watch the parade and fireworks it really didn’t work out - and I was fine with that.

After a short and successful ride (no doors fell off) in on the monorail I arrived at the front gate and made it through the no bag line with only a 2 minute wait. I walked at top speed for the Carousel of Progress. I’m sure not on everyone’s must do list, but I’ve got a strong feeling that it won’t be around much longer, and it’s one of those rides for me that is an instant connection to my Dad. I’m constantly defending this ride to my family. lol. It’s also one of the rides that closes immediately after the party begins, so my time to ride it was limited. I was also counting on the fact that many of the guests would be leaving while I was riding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The other attraction I wanted to experience is the Muppets Great Moments in American History. Unfortunately I should have reversed my MGMiAH with CoP. By the time I made it over to Liberty Square it was closed for the day… one day I’ll get to see that attraction. I’m a huge Muppet fan!!

Looking at the lines for Haunted Mansion I decided it would be better to wait on that one, and head to It’s a Small World instead. Another ride that will eat up some time, and reduce the lines as people exit while the party begins. It was a good strategy. By the time I was off IASW the line at HM had dropped 20 minutes. Going on that ride by myself was a different feeling. My kids and I love this ride. It’s almost as much fun for me to watch their faces as it is the ride. I haven’t had many breakdowns on HM…until today. The ride stopped for 10 minutes twice during my ride. Both in cool spots that really allowed me to look around. The bride scene, and the floating head scene. Honestly the only thing that would have made my breakdown ride better would have been if they turned the lights on and evacuated the ride. (I really want to see the behind the scenes of HM!!) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I then headed to another favourite of mine. Country Bears Jamboree!! Never fails to bring a smile to my face! I listened to the singers in Frontierland. Lot’s of fun!!
Thanks to the cold weather there wasn’t a soul on Spalsh Mountain! I’ve never had a walk on for this ride. I was super happy to not only have a log ride to myself…there was no one to be seen on any car. I had some plastic and covered up a bit. Only got a wee bit wet. :joy:

Then I walked on Pirates! I must say. I’m not a fan of the new version of Pirates. Both Disneyland California, and Paris are light years ahead. Why did they take away the waterfall? I just feel like it ‘falls’ a bit flat compared to the previous versions… am I alone?

The view from on top of Swiss Family Robinson at night of the park is amazing! I especially enjoyed being completely alone throughout the walk-about. I could hear the parade from up there. At that point I thought it was time to check out the parade.

I didn’t have a great view…so I decided to get a bite to eat instead. The dozens of times I’ve been to Magic Kingdom, I’ve never eaten at Casey’s. That changed tonight! Corn Dog Nuggets Meal w French Fries. - $8.49 and a side of fake cheese sauce. Wow! I didn’t take a picture…mainly because it didn’t last long. :yum: I also was lucky enough to get a table. Where I watched (over the heads of dozens of people) the parade go by.

I walked up to stand in line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 40 min…which turned out to be my only long cue for the night. In retrospect I regret that decision. Mainly because I missed the fireworks while standing in line… SDMT isn’t worth missing the fireworks… But I’m still glad I went on the ride. It’s a good one…but too short.

When on Pooh, and the People Mover then headed for the gate. I started the day at 4am in Toronto - so to say I was wiped is an understatement.

I hopped on a bus back to Coronado Springs. Only to realize that I had no idea where my room was. There’s 4 different bus stops at that resort. My bags were back in luggage storage…or so I thought. And my rental car was in the main building lot. So I headed there to track down my luggage. After 15 minutes of one guy searching the luggage storage room, another guy came out to say that my luggage had already been moved to my room. :smirk: Another 10 minutes later I dragged myself up the stairs to my room. It was a nice, clean room. The TV was playing the next day’s schedule along with the great sound track. I enjoyed listening to it as I got ready for bed. Set my alarm for 6am to rope drop Animal Kingdom!!


This is great. I’m going in Feb with my family, but I also may be in Orlando in May for work for a week. I may try to do something similar and spending some off time in the parks.


Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

After a rock solid sleep. (I was out in 5 minutes when I hit the pillow) I was up and out by 7am to drive my rental car to AK. I got lucky at the parking lot, when my line had computer issues, and they were just waving our cars through. (Good start to Disney Magic!!)

I was amazed at how many people were already infront of me by 7:20. I happily listened to my favourite Disney podcasts waiting for the stampede to begin. I’m amazed that Disney hasn’t figured out that they could make a killing selling coffee to the masses as they wait for rope drop. They’re usually masters at squeezing ever last drop of money from our pockets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The lines started moving at 8:30. I was in and power walking towards Flight of Passage by 8:45am. The line for FOP seemed huge to me - but I didn’t care, as I was so amazed by the details in Pandora. The sound as we entered the land was incredible! All of the plants - the floating mountains - I walked in awe…

20 minutes later I was riding the best ride I’ve ever experienced!! FOP was better than I expected. (and I expected a lot!!) If the wait wasn’t already over an hour I would have just jumped right back in the cue! I was concerned about vertigo on this ride. I get it on Rockin Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror and most definitely on Star Tours. I didn’t experience any side effects from FOP. Except for the side effect of euphoria!!!

I booted it over to Navi River. Hoping to ride both before the major crowds decended. The lines showed a 30 minute wait. It was only 15! So my early morning was worth it. With no fast passes for either Pandora ride I was worried that I’d miss out on Navi River. And honestly with all of the luke warm reviews I’ve heard, I wasn’t worried if I did miss it. BUT - I’m really glad I didn’t miss it. I loved it!!! I thought it was the perfect ride to introduce you to the world of Pandora. If you have a fastpass for FOP I’d recommend doing NR first. It really felt like a space age It’s a Small World. lol.

I was starving and needed something yummy. Pongu Lumpia - Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Roll for $3.29 was the perfect thing! I wish I got two!! I listened to the drummers of Pandora as I slowly walked and munched on my yummy Lumpia. I then walked over to grab a starbucks coffee and slowly make my way to my first fastpass. UP A Great Adventure Bird Show! Arrived in plenty of time for my fastpass only to find out the show was cancelled. (i’m guessing Disney decided to cut the bird’s pay to increase profit - and they flew the coop) :rofl: I did get an anytime fastpass for anything outside of Pandora which I ended up not using…

I took that opportunity to check out an AK tour. Caring for Giants. The elephant tour fit nicely between my next fastpass. At only $30 this is the bargain of the behind the scenes tours. I only had to wait 10 minutes for the tour to start, and they luckily had space for me. (another advantage of traveling solo) It was an enjoyable tour. My favourite part was seeing the back end of AK. I had seen it once before, running in the WDW marathon in 2016. But when you’re running 26 miles you have a tendency to miss a few of the details of the things your running past. lol. It was also enjoyable to see the interaction between the baby and mamma. The tour guides were knowledgable, and open to the many questions I had about the park.

After the tour I jumped on my fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Always a fun ride. I’d love to do the night time version sometime…

The vultures hanging around the hippos made me laugh somehow…I immediately thought of Jungle book. :smile:


Time for food. I was starving with only a small snack for brekky. I know just where to go!! Nomad Lounge @ Tiffins!!!

I had a great view at the side of the river. This was my first Tiffin’s experience. I was beyond excited!! The entire menu looked great. I had the Nomad Lounge Menu and the appi’s on the Tiffin’s menu. After much deliberation, and consultation with my amazing server, I decided on the duo of Charred Octopus w. Romesco Sauce, Olive Tapenade, Chorizo, Squid Ink Aïoli, and the Spiced Chickpea Falafel with Mint-Pistachio Pesto, Cumin-scented Garlic Yogurt Sauce, Pickled Vegetables. They were good. But the side of the Gobi Manchurian - Crispy-fried Cauliflower, Manchurian Sauce, Green Onion was the star of the show!! Oh…of course I needed a Lamu Libation - Starr African Rum, Cruzan Banana Rum, Guava Purée, with Orange, Lime, and Pineapple Juices topped with Gosling’s 151 Rum. The perfect drink to go with my AK gourmet lunch! :yum:

My desert was to head over to Tamu Tamu for a Pineapple DOLE WHIP Cup with Coconut Rum. I could do without the rum next time… I think the Coconut flavour messed with my favourite WDW snack. I did enjoy the dance show in Africa. Those guys are incredible! I love the music. Couldn’t stop dancing!! (doing my best white man shuffle. lol…not the best dancer in the world…but love to try)

I then went back to the UP bird show. To my delight it was on! It was a great show. So worth it for your next trip there. I love the movie UP. It has never gotten enough love in the parks as far as I’m concerned. :heart_eyes:

It was getting late. Almost 2pm. Unfortunately I had to leave soon to drive to Jacksonville for my business meeting. I used my last fastpass for Expedition Everest. I love the ride…but always regret it a bit when it takes my head an hour or more to recover. (I’m drinking out of my EE coffee mug as I write this post) On my way out of the park I decided to hop into It’s Tough To Be a Bug. Still holds up after all these years!!

One last stop before I bolt for the car. I had to try the much beloved Flame Tree BBQ. I got the Ribs and Chicken Combo served with baked beans and coleslaw $15.49 to go. After all the positive reviews I’ve heard…I couldn’t have been more disappointed. The chicken was dry. The ribs were fatty. The beans were the only thing I ate more than a few bites of. Very disappointed.

Now off to Jacksonville for a dinner meeting, then an all day meeting the next day… stay tuned for Disney Springs next.


I did the ribs and I liked them but did not like the beans or the cole slaw. I also tried the mac n cheese with pulled pork It looked and tasted like it had been sitting under the heet lamps all day.

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Dec. 13th / Disney Springs

My meeting ended at 5pm sharp in Jacksonville. I was in my rental car and went at lightning speed down the I-75 towards Orlando trying to make a 7:30pm reservation at Morimoto Asia. Again, another first for me. There’s many exceptional options at Disney Springs. The Boathouse is my fav. But I wanted to try something new.

My room at Caribbean Beach was ready. I had my magic band, so there was no reason to go to the front desk to check in. I checked in online and headed straight for my pirate room. I only had a few minutes to drop off my car and bags in the room before I needed to boot it over to Disney Springs to make my resi. I was a bit excited to see my themed room. I swear I turn into a 10 year old everytime I pass through the Disney gates.

Yikes…this room looks dark, and tired…it had a slight smell of old carpets. And those beds… I’m 6’2". I’m not going to fit into those beds. lol. Oh well. It’s just for one night. I can put up with it. I dropped my bags. Changed my clothes and shoes, and called an Uber for DS.

I arrived just in time for my 7:30 at Morimoto. My table wasn’t quite ready. I was told to wait at the bar. Happy to get a drink after a long day of meetings and a boring drive. I had the Morimotini - japanese vodka and morimoto junmai sake $14. It was perfect! I took photos of the drinks and food at DS but somehow they’re missing…

After 10 minutes I was seated at my table near the kitchen. When you’re eating alone. You kind of count on a little conversation with the cast members. My server was in no mood to talk. In fact I got the impression that I was wasting her time. I was hoping for a recommendation, and wanted to discuss my tastes as it related to the menu. She was having none of that… It was at that moment that I decided to only have appitizers here, and do a little lounge hoping for the rest of my meal. (a good choice as it turns out) I ordered the Kanikama Rangoon - 3 pcs - krab meat and cream cheese spring roll, apricot sweet chili sauce, and the small order of the Morimoto Spare Ribs - pork ribs, cilantro, hoisin sweet chili glaze. The ribs were perfect. A far cry from the dry ribs I had at Flame Tree. I could have done without the Rangoon. They were OK. I also had a wonderful glass of Sake. As soon as I was done my drink I got out of there ASAP. I won’t judge Morimoto by the grouchy server. The food being served to the tables around me looked great. If I wasn’t by myself, I’m sure I would have had a full meal there. The atmosphere was fun, and the place was packed.

After walking around DS to see some of the new things that had opened since my last visit (The Edison looks great!) two years ago, I went over to the Paddlefish Lounge. The weather had improved over the last few days and it was a nice night to sit outside and have a drink and a bite and enjoy the view. I had the Lobster Corn Dogs with Sweet chili aioli. $16. and a lovely glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Had a nice conversation with the bartender, and then did a little shopping. Love the Co-op. Got a fantastic Mickey Mouse Records Shirt for myself! (Merry Christmas to me - lol)

I stood outside Raglan Road and listened to the band playing on the patio. Great stuff!! Then grabbed two cupcakes at Sprinkles. Salted Carmel (which I ate there) and Chocolate banana to have for a breakfast snack when rope dropping HS tomorrow!

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Caribbean Beach review:
After a very long day I headed back to my pirate room at Caribbean Beach. I was exhausted. I could have slept anywhere…or at least I thought…

As I brushed my teeth, I noticed bugs crawling along the floor. I don’t know what kind of bugs…but they weren’t cockroaches. :tired_face:

My fear of not fitting in the bed came true. I realized that I’d need to sleep diagonally in the bed with my feet hanging off the edge. But that wasn’t the worst of it. I instantly sank in the bed. I swear it was just like the air matteress we use when we go camping. But worse…because at least when I’m camping I fit on the bed. It’s almost 1am, and that’s when my nieghbours above me started to play hockey in the room. (I’m sure they weren’t playing hockey… but that’s what I kept telling myself. lol) Anyway… with two pillows on my head, and my body being stuck in the quicksand mattress I began thinking that I should just go to the front desk and ask for my money back, and sleep in the rental car… I didn’t do that. Eventually I slept. Until my alarm went off at 6am for rope dropping HS. I honestly couldn’t get out of that room fast enough.

I wrote an email to the GM of CB a few days later explaining my experience. I wasn’t asking for anything, but wanted to let them know my experience to hopefully prevent the next person from having to experience that bed… I got a call yesterday from the GM thanking me for my email, and telling me that I’ll be their guest the next time I’m staying with them. (which may be soon, as I’ve got business coming up in March in Orlando) So… I’ll be staying there again. I’m hoping to give you a better report next time. :smile:


I don’t think I’d give Flame Tree another try. There’s so many great spots to eat at AK!!

@PrincipalTinker and @profmatt. I’ve added my review of CBR. Hope that helps you guys… Once the renovations are done at CBR I’m hoping things will improve greatly. :slight_smile:


At least one backstage tour - Marceline to Magic Kingdom - takes you behind the scenes! That alone made that tour worth it for me!!


My family also loved that tour, and as you say at $30 it’s very affordable even for a family to do. Bonus on doing it solo.

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Hollywood Studios / Rope Drop on Dec. 14th:

I had a great conversation with a couple getting away on their own at WDW. Leaving their 6 kids at home with family. My god, if anyone deserves a break at WDW its a couple with 6 kids!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like AK rope drop a few days earlier, I was hoping to hit Slinky Dog, and Flying Saucers back to back as I didn’t have a FastPass for either. That didn’t happen. By the time the hoard made it through the gates, we were stopped by cast members two other times before finally making it to the SD line in ToyStory Land. It was a 35 minute wait for me in the Slinky Dog line. Great ride. I enjoyed all of it. The cue was enjoyable. So much to look at before getting on a short, but fun roller coaster. My kids will love it! I’m looking forward to trying it again. I tried all day to get a fastpass drop at 12:01, 1:01, 2:01 with no luck.

I did however find a fastpass to Toy Story Midway Mania. (also my first time riding) It was fun. Not my favourite. But fun. I think it would have been way more fun if I was with someone. I’m a bit competitive…lol.

Star Wars land is coming along nicely.

After grabbing a Starbucks coffee, I finally ate the Sprinkles cupcake that I’d been carrying with me since last night. What a fantasic breakfast!! :yum:

Then I used the single rider line and virtually walked on Rock’n Roller Coaster!! Vertigo be damned… as you can see in the photo, I was scared poopless. lol

Tried mobile ordering for the first time. Tried the Tachos. Surprising good! I’d get them again :slight_smile: Mobile ordering saved me time for sure. No line up at all for me. At least a 15 min wait for walk ups.

Used my (useless) fastpass for the Muppets. Still love this show even after a dozen viewings. I fear that once Darth and the gang takes over this neck of HS next year that there won’t be room for a Frog and his gang of misfits. The shop which at one time held nothing but Muppets toys, shirts, hats, plush has been relegated to one small corner… a sad reality of an IP that seems to be fading away…

Got a Peanut Butter & Jelly Milk Shake @ 50’s Prime Time Cafe to take with me as I leave the park, and walk over to the boardwalk to take a peek at some of the Epcot Hotels.

The end of a whirl wind trip to WDW. Had a fabulous time on my own.

Merry Christmas everyone!


I have one of those Tiffins coasters on my refrigerator, having turned it (and a Homecoming coaster) into a magnet!

I’m sorry Flame Tree disappointed. We love it but have noticed it is not as good as it used to be.

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It’s a pretty cool space, for sure! Lots to take in, and that’s not even considering the cabaret. Service has been slow both times I’ve been, but the drinks and the apps/snacks have been good.

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I’ll try it next time I’m there. Hopefully in March. :slight_smile:

Thanks! The one thing I cannot tolerate is a bad bed. I know it can happen in any resort (I had a bad experience at BWI) but it impacts your whole stay!