Sold Out Boo Bash: hunches, inklings, or actual knowledge?

I am annoyed with myself for even asking, BUT we’re doing an extended family trip with 3 adult sisters, all our kids, 2 spouses (1 divorced sister), our mom and her special companion. We’re doing Boo Bash on 10/12. The day tickets went on sale to resort guests, I called and got tickets for my family, Mom, and SC. One sister was having a hard time getting through so we both called and sat on hold, my CM picked up first so I quickly added her to the call and she purchased. Third sister ignored all discussion/texts about Boo Bash because she was mad at me for inviting her ex husband to my daughters HS graduation since it was his weekend with the kids and I was REALLY inviting the kids (side note: he did not attend so it isn’t like they had to spend time together). I posted in our group chat last week when WDWINFO said our date was 80% sold out. No response. She texted us two days ago that the 12th was now sold out (duh!) and what should she do? I’m annoyed but I don’t want my niece and nephew to miss out because their mom is a freaking pain. Does anyone have any insight on increasing capacity/tickets or just a strong hunch? Now she’s saying she is going to buy tickets for her and her kids to do the 10th and that messes with our other plans, but she’s clearly got something to prove. Sounds like a fun trip, right?

Thanks for reminding me why I cringe internally when people talk about doing huge family trips… I just can’t with that kind of drama, and there’s a reason I have no relationship with either of my sisters. (Drama!)

Some people do stuff like this in purpose bc they feel like they have to control the situation. Don’t feed into it. Just keep going with your plans and let her worry about it. It’s not your job to make sure your niece and nephew have a good time.

That said, no I do not expect them to increase capacity bc this is sold at a higher price tag than the traditional Halloween Party because it’s a smaller, more exclusive event.
Just let her do her thing and be miserable.


Yep! My grandparents used to take all the grandkids for spring break so this is us trying to recreate that “cousins trip” vibe for our kids, but the drama is real. Great advice on letting her just do her thing and not engaging! Part of me is like “okay, if we all move all our days around everywhere and …”, but we had it set the way it is for a reason and I’m sticking with it! Even with not being at the party with the rest of us, the kids are still at freaking WDW so surely they can find something fun to do that evening!



Plus, the more you feed into that behavior, the more they use it as a weapon to get what they want.


My favorite family trips are the ones where we do our own thing some and together thing some. It’s a nice balance and less potential for stepping on toes and getting annoyed with each other…just the enjoyment of the moments you do have mixed with some smaller group time like just your immediate family.


As of 2 days ago, August 10, October 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 29 and 31 were completely sold out. I know I read (somewhere I consider “legit”, but don’t remember where) that they WERE planning on adding more dates.

They did add dates once already. I would be surprised if they added even more.

Not sure what those other plans are, but I think this is the point at which you pivot on two fronts: Let that sister and her children out of the other plans for the 10th, and let her and her children do something else on the 12th while everyone else goes to the Boo Bash. I work for a divorce lawyer, and this is the point at which he would tell a client, “Don’t let her push your buttons.” When she pushes a button, say OK, back away, and do the thing that makes YOU calm and happy. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty trying to corral so many people into one trip! You can’t control what she does. You can only control what you do. Choose to be OK. So go on your trip, take a deep breath, and let her go her own way.

Besides, her children do deserve to have a good trip without guilt or worry about what they’re missing with their cousins. All the children will be fine if the adults are fine. So no guilt-tripping. Channel that chick from Frozen and let it go. (LOL!)

…Reviewing this post before posting, I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Raising Arizona. Your sister? She’s H.I., the Nicholas Cage character. “You’re only hurting yourself with this destructive behavior, H.I.!”

I hope you have a wonderful time. :grinning:

ETA: Sorry! This is all if Disney doesn’t release more tickets for the 12th or if they don’t add dates. I don’t think they’ll do either of those things, but if they do, I hope your sister is more cooperative the next time you all have a chance to attend the same Boo Bash!


My aunt told my cousin we are going to DW and he asked if he could go. I should have just said yes because I doubt he was going to go anyway, but I didn’t want to risk him actually going. I also should have just said a simple no, that this is a family vacation, as in me, my wife and 2 kids, trip, and leave it at that. But I gave him this whole spiel how if he researches Disney World trips there is a lot of planning with transportation, ADRs, early wake ups, and this being a once in a lifetime trip, costs a lot of money, I don’t want to miss out on anything blah blah blah. He got all bent out of shape. “If I see you there, I’ll be sure to stay away” was the quote. Truth is , I don’t want even my parents or siblings, or my wife’s family to go with us there either, but he took it all personal. If it was a place I have been to a bunch of times, I wouldn’t mind going because I wouldn’t care if we didn’t get to do everything, but it is super hard planning things with even just 1 or 2 more people, let alone a large group. But good luck on your trip, I have a feeling they’ll sell more tix as things open up more.