SOG Transportation

Staying at SOG. Their bus service is decent but doesn’t start running until 30 min before park opening which won’t get us to the parks in time to get through security for rope drop. I am particularly concerned about AK since we wont likely get FP for new Avatar attractions. We are considering walking to the Polynesian to get a Disney bus. Other ideas? How early do the Disney buses start running?

I personally would not rely on Disney’s bus system to get you there at the time you want. I would suggest a taxi or Uber if you truly can’t afford to be late.

Disney buses start running 90 minutes before the park opens to accomodate the restaurant reservations. I’m not sure if they start that early on EMH days. You can always check with the front desk.

Personally, for Animal Kingdom, I’d take Uber if it opens at 8, and the first bus if it opens at 9.

Although I really enjoy the SOG buses, I frequently would walk to the Poly and take transportation from there. I especially used this option for coming back to the resort at night. It’s about a 10 minute walk.


Walk to Poly or Uber would be my suggestion. The walk to Poly is not bad at all.

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Thanks for the tips. I agree the walk to Poly isn’t bad, and you can sometimes get the bell stand to take you to the edge of the property on the golf cart. I think we will try Uber this time.

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