Planning a trip for 5 (DD4, DD6, DD14, DH, and I) and these three are comparable in price. Which is best? We will be flying and not planning to rent a car. We’ll do all 4 parks and a day or two at water parks.

I have stayed at SoG many times and enjoy it. Rooms are definitely bigger than at the other two (in fact, they are bigger than the rooms at GF), and with 5, the extra size would be beneficial. You also get interior hallways, private balconies, and a PX that has prices that you will find NOWHERE else on property. In your case, the biggest “down side” is no MDE to get from MCO to WDW. Also, you will only be able to make FPPs at 30 days vice 60.

I hear you can walk to the Poly. My neighbors daughter has stayed at SOG. Hubby isn’t a retired service person so we don’t have access. Isn’t it priced by rank? My nephew which is active didn’t stay there but maybe it wasn’t available when he went.

Yes, 10 min walk to the Poly from SoG.

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I have stayed at SoG and CBR. They are both great resorts and you’ll be happy with either one. SoG rooms are bigger, has a hotel feel (spa, fitness center) and is next to golf courses. The property is not spread out as other resorts so easier walk to restaurants, concierge, etc. Becasuse CBR is and actual Disney resort, they provide transport from the airport and the internal Disney transportation is better. SoG transportation is doable but requires more planning or using poly transport and walking from there. You can use DDP if staying at CBR but not SoG. CBR is a big property but gas some great Disney touches like movies outside nightly, disney games at the pool, a pirate adventure on the lake. Both are great for different reasons!

I haven’t stayed at SOG yet, I’d like to try it sometime. Just remember to check for Military discounts at CBR/POR (guessing you already did for them to be comparable in price) and factor in the cost to get there. For us, it ended up being cheaper to stay at POFQ but we were also driving so had parking costs to consider and it also depends on the experience you are looking for. We loved the pool and kids activities offered at POFQ and I’m not sure things like that are at SOG (correct me if I’m wrong). But walking to Poly for the monorail sounds pretty great!

Thanks guys! DH is worried that SOG won’t have the same Disney Magic that the others will have. Do you feel like that? We had an amazing trip last year and stayed at AoA & CSR so he’s worried that this one won’t compare. We travel a lot but rarely spend time in the room, if that matters. We will be there for 8 nights and will probably spend 1-2 of those at the resort. We didn’t care for the dining plan last time so we won’t use that but we did love being able to make purchases with our magic bands.

If you are comparing Disney Magic at SoG and AoA you might be a little disappointed but then the same might be said between AoA and any other Disney resort. I mean what’s more magical than Lion King in your room and Cars cones at the pool?!? :slight_smile: It is definitely different but still feels like Disney.

We definitely liked CSR better than AoA. The settle Disney is more our style (even though our kids loved the little mermaid room and still talk about it).

We’ve done POR, CBR, AK & SoG; With 5 - the room size gets huge points for SoG. You said you were not in the room much - so sleeping and getting ready are key importance vs hanging around looking at the Disney designs. SoG is a beautiful hotel with huge hallways and very fresh and airy. The pools are really nice. I did hear that they are offering a golf cart ride to then end of the resort - making your walk to Poly really easy. You could consider a 1 way rental from the airport and dropping the car off at TTC. We did that 1 year and it was really easy. Dropped the car off and headed to the park. Trip back to airport - do reverse… or consider a taxi/uber ride.
Neg - I was not super thrilled with the food offerings at SoG, but it’s been a few years and that may have improved.
Another consideration … David’s Vacation Club - that is how we did AK for the price of SoG. We are going in Nov and renting points - staying at Saratoga Springs.
Can’t beat the military rate on hotels- but they go really quick and often try to upgrade you to a “special” room - that in my opinion is not worth the extra cash.
Either way you go… You’ll have a blast!
FPP - while 30 day is a bummer… if you rope drop and follow the TP plans… you’ll get in most of the big stuff without much wait