Soft Serve Ice Cream

With temperatures and humidity exceeding our local averages during our June trip, my family will need to consume loads of ice cream to survive. Or at least that’s what the kids tell me…

We love Mickey Ice Cream Bars. We know of some places that serve ice cream scoops and yummy milkshakes. But where is the soft serve (not Dole Whips…)?

At Disneyland, we get our soft serve fix at Cozy Cone or Clarabelle’s. Any suggestions at WDW?

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Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom has great soft serve ice cream - vanilla, chocolate and swirl. Enjoy!

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Whatever the ice cream stand is right outside expedition Everest in AK was pretty good on a hot day!


In AK, just look for the stunningly decorated truck in Asia…


In mk there is the plaza for subdays. And by winnie the pooh there is a soft serve. A short walk from epcot is beaches and cream tou can do the walk up window.

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Yep. That’s the one I was talking about.

I used to love a raspberry swirl soft serve outside of RnR. They switched to just the chocolate/vanilla and swirl, but it may still be there?

At Epcot you’ve also got Promenade Refreshments, Taste Track and the African Outpost (there may be others I have missed).

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It’s still there, but with vanilla/chocolate/swirl these days. Such a shame.

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The France pavilion in Epcot has a soft serve stand (vanilla, chocolate, twist).
There’s also gelato in Italy (not soft serve I know, but tasty).