Soaring or Test Track FP since Refurb

Heading to Epcot/Disney in April have booked a soaring fast pass but curious if we should trade that for a test track fast pass since it just reopened. We would really like to ride both.

Soarin’ FPs are easier to get same day, so I’d try to swap to TT.


And Soarin’ is easier to do at RD, so I would try to get a TT FP.

And sometimes, TT is down early in the day (less reliable than Soarin’), so you’re better off with a TT FP to prevent such thing.


Yes, both RD wait time and average stand by line throughout the day are much shorter for Soarin’

Thanks to all who answered. We switched tonight . Going to take unsparing first thing wi Th out a FP the. Do test track with a FP later in the morning

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TT tends to get longer waits than soarin plus it goes down a lot so I would definitely switch.