We are a little nervous about heights. How high does Soarin’ go? Someone mentioned that she felt like she was going to fall off. Is it like lying in a hang glider? Do you have something to hold onto? I am kind of interested in asking for the front row since I heard you have a better view, but wasn’t sure how that would work with a bit of anxiety about heights. How many people can fit in a row? There will be 6 of us in our group, but can split up if necessary. Thanks!

you are seated in a seatbelt. You’re not going to fall off, I promise. :slight_smile: There are arm rests on either side of you if you’d like to grip something. The rows hold something like 10-12 people each. If you go to the first row you’ll be higher up than those in the bottom row, so you need to decide which is more important to you and request to the CM as appropriate. I don’t know the exact heights (and Google didn’t help much) but I’d guestimate it’s something like 40’ in row A, 30’ in B, 20’ in C. Of course, the whole point of the attraction is to make you feel like you’re several hundred feet up, that’s what the huge movie screen in front of you is trying to accomplish.

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Also, there is a strap that can go between your legs. Its meant for children but can also be used by smaller adults. I feel an urge to jump at heights like that (NO IDEA WHY YES ITS WEIRD!) and the leg strap made me feel a LOT more secure!

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@Mr_Itty I hope you stick around. You are an incredible resource here. I hate forums, but if this is all we get then I’ll at least come by from time to time when I am on my desktop.


Depending on the row, it goes up I’d roughly guess from 10 to 25 feet? The ‘feeling’ of soaring is from watching the large screen and the seats which move just slightly to ‘soar’ along with the movie. You’ll be sitting up, belted in and I think there are 9 or 10 seats across in each row. Front row is nice because you won’t see other people’s feet dangling in front of you, but you will be up the highest. Yes you can hold on! If you feel scared, close your eyes and it all goes away! It’s really fun, especially the first time.

I found this, but not sure how right it is: “This ride operates on three levels (Rows A, B, C) and the highest level (Row A) reaches a max height of about 40ft. For the other levels, you can shave off about 10-15ft per level so for Row B, you would be about 25-30 feet off the ground and Row C would be about 10-15ft.”

My Dh has a fear of heights as does dd8. We always take the back loading row and both say it is one of their favorite attractions.

Afraid of heights. Tried it last trip and got front row(didnt know any better), I had my eyes shut the entire time and my head on my daughters shoulders( tears). It was terrifying but again, I am afraid of heights and the sensation of hang gliding scared the @&$& out of me

While I hate heights this is my favourite ride at WDW. However I always grip firmly on the arm rests. Going up and down at beginning and end is worst, but well worth it!

Agree with @999HappyHaunts about @Mr_Itty hope you stick around. You are after all the voice of reason

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I don’t have a problem with heights, but even I will admit that peeking over the edge from the front row does make you want to lean all the way back in that seat.

I get terrible vertigo on Soarin’ - I feel like I am sliding out of the seat. I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about it. However, that has never stopped me from riding it at DCA or EP! :smiley: