So I just saw that starting on May 21st fastpasses will be available for the “original” Soarin. So will those start being available at 7AM?

In theory, but with all the stuff going on tomorrow MDE is likely going to have a very bad day lol. Someone said when they launched FP’s for the new soarin’ movie it was more like mid day. I would plan for 7am but be flexible in case that doesn’t happen.

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Thanks! I know it will be crazy on MDE tomorrow!

Was just coming here to ask the same question. Will be there over Memorial Day weekend and Soarin is dh’s favorite ride. Thank you!

We already have FP’s for the new Soarin’. Will the old show still be running when the new show starts?

Can someone help me out as I am confused. We have FP for the what I now assume is the new Soarin’? So there are different FP’s tomorrow? What other things are happening on MDE tomorrow?

See Disney Parks Blog. Frozen and AK nighttime activities are opening up for FP starting tomorrow.

No they won’t run at the same time. They are reopening the attraction earlier than expected and playing the old movie until the new one debuts on the 17th at which point it will all be the new one.

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Ok. I re-read the blog. Thanks!

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I started this morning at 5:00 AM Central time trying to get into FPP… At around 7:30 central time I was finally able to load the FPP page and after refreshing a few times the choice for Soarin was available for our June 13 date! It worked perfectly to change our FPP to Soarin and then we can go to our lunch ADR at The Garden Grill. I love when a plan comes together! My family does not understand why this is a victory for me, but I know you all will understand! Good luck with your plans too!