Soarin with motion sickness

I would really like to attempt soarin while at Epcot, but I am a bit skeptical because I have motion sickness problems. Water rides, such as splash mountain, do not bother me. I am fine in wave pools. Tunnel slides that are enclosed, however, make me sick. Last year, I rode Everest at AK after a friend advised me that it was a “smooth” ride. Well, I spent two hours in the bathroom at AK sick as a dog, staring into their white toilet bowls, and then I had to go back to the hotel and sleep it off. Therefore, I am trying judge whether or not I could do soarin based on what I can and can’t do on a normal basis. I apparently rode big thunder mountain in 07 when we were there, and I was fine on it. I would never attempt any of the big rides such as TofT or RRC. Any suggestions about Soarin? My hubby is wanting me ride it, but I don’t want a repeat of last year’s incident.

Soaring is a calm ride, simulated hand glider, no sharp drops. It is also in a huge open room with good airflow. Are you able to do Star Tours? I have minor issues with Star Tours but soaring does not bother me.

What about some non-drowsy Dramamine? Soarin’ is definitely on the Must Do list because it is so amazing. Based on your experience with EE I can see why you are reluctant.

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EE did me in too!! :frowning: So sorry! No RnRc or TOT for me either. I did Soarin’ once many years ago and I won’t do it again (can’t do Start Tours either). I had to close my eyes for much of it.

Soarin is in a large theater, with no real big sharp motion (except when they lift the rows of seats up into position). It is like a big IMAX movie, where your eyes fool your brain into thinking you are moving. How are you at watching any videos of “you are there” scenes? Wikipedia: “To enhance the illusion of flight, subtle vertical movements of the seats are synchronized to the film. Sensations of horizontal motion are created using a combination of vertical carriage movement and turning the image on the screen.”

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Thanks for the feedback. I may attempt to try it, but I would definitely have to have food in my stomach first. I do take Dramamine, but they generally do not help much. They didn’t help at all with Everest, lol. I generally get dizzy on carousels, although I did ride Dumbo with my son last year. I think that it helped that it went up in the air, and that I felt a cool breeze while riding.

I get dizzy on carousels too and I had no problem with Soarin. I can’t ride Star Tours or any other simulator. I’m even thinking I might need to skip Sum of all Thrills. Tea cups - forget it!

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I went on Everest after my children insisted it was fine but unfortunately left me feeling very dizzy and sick. For me, its the going backwards and I was super tired. I suffer from motion sickness and find simulators worse than coasters sometimes. I would not do Star Tours or Tea Cups. I did however do Soarin in November. I did come off a little dizzy but it was a fab experience and I would do it again. Its cool in the room and and I took plenty of deep breaths!!

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I feel your pain, since many attractions make me motion sick, and that shoots the rest of the day. Expedition Everest, Rock and Roller Coaster, Star Tours, and Mission Space Orange all make me very sick and green. Soarin has never done so, and is a very gentle ride. I have yet to ride the new version, but in the older version I always had to close my eyes during the jerky visual ride through the city at night.

The nice thing about Soarin is that if it starts to bother you, just close your eyes (of cover them so the light movement isn’t visible). You’re not actually moving, as it’s a theatre show.

I suffer from very bad motion sickness and have been on Soarin many times with no issues. I cannot do simulator rides as I get very ill but have never had problems riding Soarin even a few times in a row! By the way its my favourite ride.

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I can take the most outrageous thrill rides no problem, but Soarin’ is something altogether different. I get really bad vertigo on it - sweaty palms, weak knees, but fortunately no nausea. That doesn’t stop me from riding it, though. :smiley:

I suffer from motion sickness terribly and have to extremely careful or I’m done for the day… Absolutely LOVE Soarin and was sad we missed it on our April trip. I don’t think you will have any issues at all…

Also a severe motion sickness sufferer here. I don’t have problems with Soarin. I was afraid to try it at first, but now I’m so glad I did. I think it’s the most beautiful ride at Disney! It’s gentle, nothing like the motion simulators at Universal or Disney’s Star Tours. Try it midday, when you’ve eaten but not before. It’s a cool theater, so it should be quite soothing. Just shut your eyes if there are issues.


Thanks again for all of the great replies! I went ahead and booked myself a fast pass for this ride, mid afternoon, after lunch, so hopefully I won’t get sick on it. It sounds like I may do okay on this ride, and it sounds like an awesome one that I shouldn’t miss.


Wonderful! I’m glad you’re going to try it and can’t wait to hear how much you loved it! :smiley: