Soarin'- Which row do I ask for?

We've ridden Soarin' twice, and just didn't think it was that great. It was my fault, I'm sure, since I didn't ask for the best row. So, I am going to make my family give it another chance. Please tell me how it works to ask for the best row (front or back- and do CM's accommodate?) since this is going to be a make or break moment for DH especially.


I think it is B1 but hope someone that has actually asked chimes in! smile

Depends on what you consider best. Most will say B1. CM's will accommodate if you're willing to wait.

The center section for sure (B), and while people will say to be on the top row so that you don't see feet in your view, I heard that where feet would be in your view in row 2 is the same place where the top of the screen is in row 1. But I haven't paid enough attention to know for sure.

Ok thanks! We'll ask for B1 and hopefully, that will give us the ride we've been missing! Crossing fingers. I want us to love it like everyone else does!!