Soarin vs FEA FP+ at Epcot

My DD3 looooves Frozen so I got a FP for FEA at 4:20, which was the best time available at 30 days out. We have a breakfast ADR at Garden Grill at 9:15 AM. Is it possible to RD Soarin and make it to breakfast in time? Or should I give up the FEA FP and get one for Soarin in the morning with the hope that there’s a FP for FEA left for later in the day? We definitely want to do both rides but don’t think my kids can handle a 90min wait. TIA!

If you make sure you are early to Epcot and walk with purpose to Soarin, you may be late for breakfast but not by much. They will still seat you.


That’s what I was thinking. Thank you for reassuring me!

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I agree with @missoverexcited. I definitely wouldn’t trade a FEA FP+ for Soarin’.

Agreed with the oh so wise liners. I was about to say the same thing. Be there early for rope drop. Walk with a putpose to soarin. And do that first.

Just a heada up if you do not know this you will have to park any strollers to the right of the land. Strollers do not enter the building. So figure that in as well.

I am sure GG gets this all the time.

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Is rope drop 9am that day?

Pushing it if it is IMO

Just getting on and off the ride even without queues takes 15 mins. Without the walking or potential delays when you arrive from queues or testing etc.

Can you push the breakfast back a little bit

But I do agree above that the likelihood is they will seat you any time you arrive and you could just blame it on the ride I guess

Also put in a request to the reservation finder for a later time for GG. If you can move that by 30 minutes you’ll be all set with no worries about being late. I assume you’ll do a rider swap for Soarin, with one of you riding later? Rather than both of you trying to ride before breakfast.

But I agree, with a DD3, Frozen is your priority! I’m a great advocate of “book FPs for the rides that your top must-dos”.

Okay, changed our reservation to 9:40. We’re good to go!
Yes, rider swap for sure. I want to do Soarin too! I didn’t realize with the RS we could leave and come back to do the ride later on. That’s great to know!

I think RS is valid for a week even? ( Never had to do it myself, kids were old enough, or I was too much of a wimp to have to consider it!) So you can come back another day if you want to… But one of you can go back and ride and meet up at the Seas, or the dancing fountains, or just having an ice cream :grinning: