Soarin' reopening date shows that Soarin’ is scheduled to reopen June 2nd, 2016.
What do we think the odds are it will be opening sooner than that, or at least in “soft-opening” before that? I’ll be there Memorial Day weekend, and am hoping it will be running by then in some manner.

Any word on if the new International version will be ready by then?

It does seem strange that they’d open the attraction right after a busy holiday weekend, but I haven’t heard anything official other than the early June date. Just a lot of people hoping that Soarin comes back sooner than promised. Hopefully, it’s like the airline industry padding flight times so we feel better when we arrive early.

I’d have to think they’d want it open ASAP. On the other hand, seems like they aren’t hurting for customers right now.

The new film is an integral part of the refurb, so (whenever) Soarin reopens, the new film should be included. June 2/3 is the current “target” date released by Disney. But as far away as that is, it could shift either way. 7DMT “soft opened” on Memorial Day weekend and had it’s “official” opening several weeks later, so Soarin might follow the same model. Keep in mind that this is also the projected time frame for the new Frozen ride to open (rumors are saying it might be mid to late June for Frozen). I don’t know if Disney will orchestrate the openings of the two rides to occur simultaneously or to be staggered. We have to remember that opening dates of new rides or major refurbs are as much a PR decision as they are an engineering decision.