Soarin' in GG with Chip and Dale

I have an 8:40 PPO at GG right now for our Feb trip. Do I keep trying for an earlier time so we can eat and pop down to Soarin’? Or do I try for a 9:00 spot (obviously will be easier to get) and RD Soarin’ and go a little late to GG? I’m nervous that I won’t be able to get an 8:00 seating and 8:40 doesn’t really give us an advantage for Soarin’.

You’ll be able to get in as soon as they open the turnstiles (approx 7.45-50) and GG seats in order of arrival. Just get there early and you should be out in plenty of time for Soarin.

Awesome. Thanks!

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We had an 8:35 ADR at GG last week and we arrived at our time (though I knew we could arrive earlier). We were finished around 9:30 and we walked down to Soarin’ and the wait time was only 20 minutes. By the time we got off the ride just after 10 the wait was up to 75 minutes. So 8:40 probably still does give you an advantage, but you can arrive earlier if you want.

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That is slightly disheartening for someone who did get the 8am reservation and they dont walk as fast and someone with an 8:40 is seated before them though


I suppose so but they don’t start seating till 8am, so anyone with an 8am should be checked in by then. If they’re not, that’s not really the restaurant or other guests fault. If they’re checked in, I assume they’d be seated before guests with a later ADR.