Soarin Concourse variation

We’ve ridden Soarin 4 or 5 times with and without FPP. The latest one had us sitting in the most left seats of the most left concourse, and the projection was horrible (the Eiffel Tower was distorted into a boomerang shape). Did we hit a projection snafu or is this typical of edge seats? I can’t believe anyone would want to experience a ride like that one.

Has anyone ever successfully requested Concourse B?

I had heard about the distortion so I requested B. When they were going to send me to C I asked if I could wait for B and that I did not care what row. They let me step aside and wait for the next show.

Thank you for your response. I would prefer to wait.

The distortion is a problem if you’re on an end (or near the end) seats in concourse A and C. On my last trip in August, I did soarin’ four times, both with fast pass and without. I was fortunate that my first time I was placed in concourse B in the front row - absolutely amazing experience! My next two times, since I was there on a solo trip, as a “single rider” I was used to fill in rows in concourse A. The distortion was horrible - not just on the Eiffle Tower, but also the Matterhorn, Taj Mahal and Neuschwanstein castle. Had I not had the experience of being in the B concourse I would have been horribly disappointed. I actually wonder how many complaints customer service gets about this each day.

Oh, yes, all scenes were distorted.

interesting, I thought this was just me. I had planned on doing several go’s on soarin’, but the very first time I was sat left most on “C”. The distortion was so bad i really didn’t get why this was praised. It was like looking through a fishbowl. It’s why I don’t like IMAX screens. It’s supposed to be more immersive, but it always pulls me out of the experience as I always focus on the distortions.

It did, however, trigger my fear of heights a bit still, so with that coupled with the distortion, I wasn’t interested in giving it another go and cancelled all fast passes and didn’t ride it again.

That aside, i am glad I went on it. If nothing else than to just say I went.

Nope, not just you. I completely understand your dislike of IMAX and the distortions pulling you out of the experience. After experiencing the distortions I remarked to my sister who loved the original soarin’, that I expect to tower of Pisa to lean, I don’t expect to see the Eiffle tower to lean! I don’t usually have a fear of heights (falling, yes, but I’m good with heights), but like you the distortions pulled me out of the experience, and being on the edge I started looking around, and once you look past the edge of the screen, at the huge speakers, you really start to realize how high up you are!