"So, What's our Plan, Exactly?"

It’s T-1 day for us! We’ve (okay, I’ve) been planning this trip for 180 days, plus a few, and it has felt like a loooong time. We’re all so excited to leave tomorrow; DD7 and DS5 have been talking about it nonstop for the past month and taking great joy in marking the days off our countdown calendar (which we make at 30 days out). My DH has been sweetly patient with my very frequent musings about which park to do which day, dessert parties, itinerary in general, and FPP bookings. And more (as folks on here can probably imagine). Planning it has been so much of the fun so far. I pretty much have our TP for all five days memorized.

But tonight at dinner, my husband turns to me and says cheerfully, “So, what’s our plan for Disney?” He was not kidding. It was a forehead-into-the-dinner plate moment that made me laugh out loud. Had to share that here. So then I start to tell him that our first full day will be MK in the morning, midday break, and then Hollywood Studios in the evening for Fantasmic. He says, “How will we get from the Grand Floridian to Universal?” And so then I explain that HS is Disney; Universal Studios (where we are going the second half of the week) is different.

And suddenly I felt so alone.

Just kidding.


Guffawing aside, he really DOES know more about Disney than those qu’s let on, including having the layout of MK memorized and knowing where pretty much every character meet at greet is. And in fairness, this is our third trip and will be our first time at HS, and he has previously been to Universal Studios Hollywood in CA; so that is what he was thinking of. But it was still pretty funny.

Anyway, wish us luck! We land at MCO tomorrow around 2; hope to get to GF for some pool time and maybe even MK to use three FPP’s in the early evening before bed…

I’ve really appreciated all of the advice and camaraderie on this forum. It’s helped so much in this trip planning…

WDW, See ya real soon!


Have a wonderful time.

Not to hijack but to commiserate- My husband pulled a similar routine. It was cute for the first couple of days on our last trip, then I was like, wait… babe… you seriously don’t know what we are doing. WTF man…

Anyway after a certain point I got tired of answering the where are we going next question for the 10th time from the 4th different person, and I made my Dh look up the itinerary on his phone and answer All The Questions and so that made him learn the schedule, at least.

My favorite moment was when my ds14 asked me why all those other people didn’t just get a FP for FOP like “we” did? Ummmm, bc I guess they didn’t stay up all night to make FP reservations 60+ days before the trip? Maybe? How does it escape all these people’s awareness that I’ve been obsessing over here for the past 180 days!?

At least there are many kindred spirits on blogs and forums out there. I fear my family, for one, is a lost cause.


Have a fantastic trip!

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@peggy and @stacey- you guys are cracking me up! My fam says: just plan the trip, we don’t need to know til we get there haha. Which I do, and I love doing the planning, even when there are glitches, as were this Oct trip.

They’re good sports about it, tho. Fam of 9 this time, 3 rooms, lots of fun & craziness. The only time they questioned me was when we had to walk from Dolphin starting around 7:25 for a 9am HS day heehee.

I said: just start walking, you’ll see when we get there. Which they did. @8:30 we looked behind us, there was a crowd of at least 1000 behind us, I think really a lot more.

TSL opened 8:45, still had about a 20 min wait in SB.

They did tell me that I rocked the trip re the rides room etc. So I like that, I like to bask in the accolades. Ha.