So we leave Friday

And one of my daughters just got sick. Took her to get an antibiotic and gonna start it tonight. Hopefully my other daughter doesn’t get it and the sick one recovers fast.

I have to admit, I am freaking out a little bit right now. The trip is already off to a shaky start and it hasn’t even started yet.

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Antibiotics truly are miraculous and she’ll probably be feeling noticeably better by Friday. You can do it! Kids are troopers, and parents are masters of adapting on the fly.


Thank you! I need the encouragement!


They really are. I caught a bug on a flight to France one time and ended up feeling sicker than I ever have before. After a day of being unable to get out of bed I crawled to a doctor’s office and was prescribed antibitoics. Within hours I was feeling so much better.

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Hang in there and hope your daughter feels better soon. And with two kids, I’m sure you know, lots of Lysol and hand washing :wink:

We also leave Friday and my 4 year old got sick last Thursday, flu, double ear infection. Fever broke today. I get it; I was freaked out, too.

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Me too. Well, not on a flight to France (those have gone just fine) but just a short trip to Denver. I should have asked to be moved away from that obviously sick person.

Anyway, now I wipe down everything in my seat area with an antiseptic wipe. Including the tray table, seat buckle and air controls, and I haven’t been sick from a flight for years even though my immune system is deliberately crappy.

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Ugh, kids have the worst timing with getting sick! Hopefully she will feel better with the medicine.

So my suggestion is to ask your doctor for a paper prescription to have on hand in case kid #2 gets sick. Then you’ll have it if she starts to show signs and can start it right away. And if kid #2 stays healthy, you can toss it when you get home. It might save an urgent care/teledoc hassle.


We couldn’t do that at the doctor’s office because it’s a surprise, but my wife called when we got home and they called my other one in a prescription. Now, if she starts getting sick, we will have something to treat her with.

And my sick one woke up feeling better today!


Glad to hear your sick DD is improving. I hope everyone else stays well.

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So glad to hear that! Fingers crossed that’s the worst of it and you’re in the clear. It’s great that you were able to get a prescription on file for kiddo #2.

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