So, Skyliner starts 30 minutes before park open

Looks like EPCOT opens at 11:00am on our Rez day. We are at POP. I had read that the Skyliner from Riviera runs earlier maybe even at 10:00. I am trying to think of how we can get the IG sooner to get into EP at RD. Not sure if my data is correct. Anyone have any insight here?

PS We just randomly scheduled a trip for Thanksgiving week so we are scrambling a bit. It is going to be a fun surprise for our DD5 and DD1. Trying to line out ADRs is at least something fun to do.

Skyliner will start from Pop well before that because of HS. So you can get from Pop to the CBR station early, and wait in line for the Epcot line to open up.

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Last week the CBR to Epcot line started running and hour before the park opened, so 10:00 on an 11:00 open. I got on the Pop to CBR line at 9:45 with no wait. Was held at the CBR line until 10:00.

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